The Multiplication Factor

There’s nothing in the human experience that rivals the joy and blessings and faith that’s promised to those who hold God’s Purpose as their purpose for life — leading people to Jesus — wanting none to be lost!

That’s why there’s no greater gift to give your Christian friends than to lead them into this amazing “Sweet Spot” with God. An added bonus is that it will take every friendship to a higher level with conversations focused on each others life-changing encounters with other people…orchestrated by God. There’s nothing that compares with the exhilaration of those conversations and their eternal significance.

And you can lift your own spirits by enjoying life-changing stories from people, just like yourself, all over the country anytime you want, via

It’s About Free Choice

The most prevalent questions like — Why would a Holy God send good people to Hell? or Why would a Good God allow bad things to happen? — all relate to the basic clash between good and evil which predates Adam and Eve. Having Free Choice to choose between good and evil has always been the defining element of God’s Master Plan!

In order for us to have Free Choice, both options have to be on the table. Both have to be readily available and equally attractive for vastly different reasons. In His Infinite Wisdom, God allows each of us to choose between living to satisfy our own desires, following Satan’s lead into depravity or Honoring Him in everything we do. It’s our Free Choice!

Without Free Choice, we’d be relegated to a robotic existence preprogrammed to say, I love you God, on command. There would be no “us” as individuals and no way for us to grow into a personal relationship with our Creator. A loving relationship is unattainable unless it’s optional for both parties.

He could have created an antiseptic world, free from everything bad and harmful…or painful or sad or stressful or anxious or horrifying. Or He could give us Free Choice — allowing us to choose between doing bad or good — depending on ourselves and suffering the consequences, or depending on Him and enjoying His Blessings. Even with all the misery man has brought on himself by making bad decisions, thank God for Free Choice! No one wants to be a robot!

God is Omnipresent with His Holy Spirit continually revealing and attempting to draw you closer to Jesus and empower you to tell others about Him. This is in stark contrast to the forces of evil that are forcefully at work in our world today. All of us are in the middle of this dynamic.

Ignite Everyone!

Even on a broader basis, there’s nothing more exciting and fun than telling everyone your latest God-Inspired encounter that moved someone closer to Jesus. And every time you tell your latest story, it excites others into wanting to have the same kind of experiences in their own lives. That’s how easy it is to ignite everyone into full-time ministry.

It happens naturally! You always want to tell someone what happened after you experience a God-Orchestrated moment. Even you can’t believe it! And everyone listening is always moved closer to ignition by the pureness of your joy and exhilaration…because every Christian longs for the Joy of the Lord that’s promised (in John 15:11) to those who bear fruit.

Here’s the key: Once a Christian experiences the exhilaration that comes by the Sharing of their faith, there’s no turning back. It’s the ultimate “multilevel marketing program,” enlisting others to multiply your message tenfold. This is the key ingredient for a successful rebellion!

Nothing motivates Christians to share their faith faster than listening to normal Christians who are more excited about leading people to Jesus than anything else in their lives — because it’s not normal! No one expects normal Christians to be supernormally/supernaturally used by God on a daily basis to lead people to Him. But that’s the “normal’ God intends for all of us to live by and experience.

Every time you share your stories, other people will want to have their own stories to tell that will encourage others to have theirs. Only God knows the ultimate number of people who will come to Christ if you make the sharing of your faith your highest priority. Only God knows how many times that number can be multiplied by all the Christians you ignite into sharing their faith.

That’s the opportunity before you right now! And this is how we’re going to IgniteAmerica with Revival!

Join The Rebellion!

A rebellion is described as an open resistance to an established authority. Everywhere you look and every newscast you hear tells you that Satan has become the established authority over America. We’re absolutely out of control. And just like the Children of Israel, we have to recognize that our only hope is in the Lord and the restoration of His Blessings.

It’s time for every believer to incite rebellion against the force that’s taken authority over America, by unleashing the Power of God’s Love on everyone, every day in the name of Jesus and for His Glory! It’s that simple!

Our Biggest Challenge: The fields are white for harvest but the laborers are few. Now that you’re on the team, your focus has to be twofold. Your highest priority is moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus. This is your full-time ministry every moment of every day.

Your second focus carries equal importance. The task of evangelizing America is within our grasps but none of us can do it alone. It’s going to require all of us working together, as the Body of Christ, to turn America’s Heart back to God. That’s what is all about.

While America has turned it’s back on God, we still have critical mass! There are more than 35 million solid believers in our ranks and every one of us has influence over at least 10 nonbelievers. That’s influence that more than permeates the entirety of our adult population! God’s given us all the influence we need to turn America’s Heart back to Him. It’s up to us!

The challenge is not to reach 90% of America. The Challenge is to mobilize the 10% of Americans who are already in the Word and on their knees praying for America…to actively use their influence to move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus. When Christians are seen as loving people rather than beating people into Heaven, America’s perception of Christians and Christianity will change and we’ll Ignite America with Revival!

That’s why it’s as important for you to incite revival in your Christian friends as it is for you to share God’s Love with the unchurched. We’re talking Holy Ghost/God-Inspired Revival across America that will absolutely happen when 35 million of us turn our lights back on and chase away the darkness. But getting there requires all of us inciting revival in every Christian we know.

Who Rules Our World?

To accomplish His Goals, God made Satan the “ruler of this world” within specific guidelines. Fortunately he can only deceive unbelievers. In II Corinthians 4:4 we’re told that Satan, who is the God of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. With God’s Permission, Satan blinds the minds of unbelievers so they cannot discern false philosophies that become like fortresses in which they are imprisoned.

Looking through God’s eyes, this is America today. As a post-Christian society, most Americans are imprisoned by depraved, satanic-inspired philosophies that are beyond the comprehension of those of us who live in the light. Nothing else explains the laws being passed, the anger being expressed and the rationale being given for all things contrary to God…by otherwise good and well-educated people who are defenseless against Satan’s power to use them as pawns for his purposes.

Without exaggeration, and clearly described by Scripture, Satan has become the prevailing authority in America. He’s taken control of America and it’s time to take our country back! But make no mistake about it: The future of America will never be decided by man’s wisdom or politics, but by it’s choice for who is God. This is Epic Spiritual Warfare that can only be fought and won by the Sword of the Spirit (The Word of God) living and working through His Church (Every one of us) moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus for His Glory… Igniting America with Revival.

Matthew 10:33 tells us whoever denies me before man, I will deny before my Father in Heaven. If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, this is the time for you to stand up and be counted and recognize our enemy for who he is. By our silence, we’ve allowed him to wreak havoc on America. Ephesians 6:12 explains it well: We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We’ve allowed Satan to have his way with America long enough!