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Video stories of people just like you having fun sharing their faith.

Real People, Real Faith-Sharing Stories!

You’re in for a shock! If you don’t share your faith, you’re missing all the fun and blessings of being a Christian! It’s what being a Christian is all about. Winning the lost is a team sport and it’s time for you to get off the bench and into the game, and when you do, God promises you in John 15:11 that His Joy will remain with you and your joy will remain full. Wow! These are real people, from all walks of life, surprising you with real stories of how much fun they’re having moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus. Use them as role models for your own life and start having the time of your life.

A waitress serving a table at a restaurant

Putting on Your “Holy Listening Ears” – Jennifer Hargestam

Jennifer has been sharing her faith for a long time. “It’s such an honor,” she says. “It should not be a burden and something we feel like we have to do. No, it’s something we get to do!” Listen to what happened the last time she put on her “holy listening ears” while ordering a meal from a stressed-out waitress at a restaurant – and how you can listen for opportunities to tell others about Jesus, too.

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Teenagers at school sharing something on a smartphone in the lockers hall

When You Get the Nudge, You Have to Obey – Emmanuel Hernandez

It was a moment Emmanuel will never forget. On a Friday at his high school, he had gotten “the nudge” from the Holy Spirit to talk about the Lord with the popular guy in his class. But Emmanuel didn’t act on it right away. And what happened next was tragic, but it’s the reason Emmanuel now shares his faith every opportunity he gets. Be motivated to obey the nudge, too, and share your faith.

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Two women smiling in the backseat of a car watching a tablet

People Are Hungry for What We Have – Renee Vinson

Have you ever prayed for someone for months — perhaps even a year — before you shared the Gospel with them? How about someone in your workplace who everyone considers a “tyrant”? Would you be willing to pray for them, build a relationship and boldly share the love of Christ with them? Renee did, and you can ask the Lord to prepare you and any person you want to witness to as well. Learn more from Renee’s incredible example.

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A man holding tight a Bible against his body

“But I just bought this Bible.” – Joseph Vasquez

A growing relationship with Jesus always impacts others. That’s what Joseph experienced at his job where he took his new Bible. When a coworker asked about it, Joseph shared what he was reading. Then, one day, the Holy Spirit told Joseph to share his Bible with the coworker —as in give it away. Find out how Joseph responded and how God will use your relationship with Him to build His Kingdom.

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Carmen Lewis

God Gives Second Chances … And Thirds and Fourths and Fifths – Carmen Lewis

Leave it to God to use the mess we make in our lives as our message to draw others to Him! That’s what happened to Carmen who overcame a years’ long struggle with drugs and alcohol. When her employee confessed his struggle with drinking, Carmen was ready to help. Find out how God will guide you as well to help others know He gives second chances — and thirds and fourths and fifths!

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