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IgniteAmerica.com empowers Christian Radio Broadcasters to take responsibility for Igniting Revival in each of their listening areas with an exclusive database of their Faith Sharing listeners, provided free of charge.

We’re living in a Post-Christian America, with less than 20% of our population still attending church regularly, and only half of those being saved. Most of our people, our press and politicians are living in darkness, without the moral compass of a Biblical World View … leading us deeper into chaos on a daily basis.

This is a Spiritual Battle of epic proportions leaving most Americans desperate for a God they don’t understand or know how to find. Eighty-six percent of the un-churched know our world is out of control, would like to believe there’s a God who can make sense of it all and are looking for someone to tell them about Him. But less than 1% of us are actively sharing our faith with unbelievers. That’s the problem!

Thirty-five million of us have turned our lights out and left the world in darkness … as we complain about our world for doing what a world in darkness does. It’s our fault! How are they going to know the way out unless someone tells them? And how is anyone going to tell them unless they’re sent?

Christian Radio is the fast track for sending the Church into the harvest fields that are white for harvest. And IgniteAmerica.com is your fast track facilitator for sending the Church into the harvest fields effortlessly and free of charge, by embedding :15 and :30 second ‘Ignite Prompts’ (provided daily in text and audio form at no charge through Ambos) in between your regular programming throughout the day. Every ‘Ignite Prompt’ challenges Christians to share their faith and leads them to IgniteAmerica.com … where they will learn how easy and fun it is to start sharing their faith immediately, while connecting with Faith Sharing Christians, just like themselves, nationwide.

Most importantly, this is neutral ground for bringing Faith Sharing Christians together with their Christian Radio Broadcasters. There’s no other agenda, no cost attached, names will never be shared and visitors can opt out at any time without a trace. There is no downside!


We’re actively partnering with radio stations across the country. You can join a growing number of broadcasters ready to ignite America.

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