The Multiplication Factor

There’s nothing in the human experience that rivals the joy and blessings and faith that’s promised to those who hold God’s Purpose as their purpose for life — leading people to Jesus — wanting none to be lost!

That’s why there’s no greater gift to give your Christian friends than to lead them into this amazing “Sweet Spot” with God. An added bonus is that it will take every friendship to a higher level with conversations focused on each others life-changing encounters with other people…orchestrated by God. There’s nothing that compares with the exhilaration of those conversations and their eternal significance.

And you can lift your own spirits by enjoying life-changing stories from people, just like yourself, all over the country anytime you want, via

Ignite Everyone!

Even on a broader basis, there’s nothing more exciting and fun than telling everyone your latest God-Inspired encounter that moved someone closer to Jesus. And every time you tell your latest story, it excites others into wanting to have the same kind of experiences in their own lives. That’s how easy it is to ignite everyone into full-time ministry.

It happens naturally! You always want to tell someone what happened after you experience a God-Orchestrated moment. Even you can’t believe it! And everyone listening is always moved closer to ignition by the pureness of your joy and exhilaration…because every Christian longs for the Joy of the Lord that’s promised (in John 15:11) to those who bear fruit.

Here’s the key: Once a Christian experiences the exhilaration that comes by the Sharing of their faith, there’s no turning back. It’s the ultimate “multilevel marketing program,” enlisting others to multiply your message tenfold. This is the key ingredient for a successful rebellion!

Nothing motivates Christians to share their faith faster than listening to normal Christians who are more excited about leading people to Jesus than anything else in their lives — because it’s not normal! No one expects normal Christians to be supernormally/supernaturally used by God on a daily basis to lead people to Him. But that’s the “normal’ God intends for all of us to live by and experience.

Every time you share your stories, other people will want to have their own stories to tell that will encourage others to have theirs. Only God knows the ultimate number of people who will come to Christ if you make the sharing of your faith your highest priority. Only God knows how many times that number can be multiplied by all the Christians you ignite into sharing their faith.

That’s the opportunity before you right now! And this is how we’re going to IgniteAmerica with Revival!