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Now you can stay ignited by keeping up to speed with all that’s happening through the expanding ministries of Ignite. Every day our world is making it easier for us to move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus.

Move Everyone, Every Day, Closer to Jesus

Our goal is to ignite Christians to Ignite America with Revival . . . one person at a time. The most often heard response is, “Ignite has changed my life. I never knew it was so easy to share my faith!” Even better, “I never knew that sharing my faith would explode my faith!”

These articles will open your eyes to how easily the ministries of Ignite will Ignite Your Life . . . by destroying fear with effortless faith!

A Clarion Call to The Church v3

Christians have become more interested in winning “issues” than winning the lost — whose Eternity hangs in the balance. But God has given you His “Impeccable Love” to move everyone, including those who oppose you, closer to Jesus. God has no higher aspirations for your life!

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Igniting God's Purpose in Your Life - Single page

When you’re moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus,
stress disappears, fear is gone, and every day becomes an adventure.

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There’s no reason for not sharing your faith . . . only excuses! God’s call to us, verified and repeated throughout the New Testament, is universal. All of us are called to…

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Americans, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, are overwhelmed with fear. Almost 75% of Americans now find themselves in fear of impending doom . . . in stark contrast to…

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This is bad news for 77% of all Americans and 62% of Christians who pride themselves on being good . . . because being good and doing good things doesn’t get you or anyone else into Heaven! There are millions of wonderful people in the world doing good things that have nothing to do with salvation. Believing you can earn your way into heaven may be the…

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Everyone is asking this question! It’s probably the most asked question today and the best opportunity you’ve ever had to share your faith and help move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus.

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