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Joining the Community on Facebook will ignite your relationship with God, with real-life/miracle stories coming in from people just like you, all over America. Faith Sharing Christians who are actively sharing their faith with the lost will challenge you to join them in the fun of Igniting America with Revival! Join one of our groups now!

Faith Sharing Tips!

Post your faith sharing tips you’ve used in your life to help others! Here you can find tips on how to open God-centered conversations in an easy, fun way! You don’t need to be an expert to show God’s love!

Education Industry

America has tried to take God out of our classrooms, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Did you know that you can legally have a Bible sitting on your desk as a teacher? What are some ways you legally share your faith in the classroom? Share your experiences and struggles here so that other teachers just like you can share God’s love!

Healthcare Industry

As a person who works with people EVERY DAY, you have a unique opportunity to share the light of God through you, when someone may be feeling down or sick, you have a chance to give them a different perspective! What are ways that you show God’s love in the workplace?! Share your experiences here!

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