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56% of Christians feel their spiritual life is entirely private and it’s no one else’s business.

Barna, 2022
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About one-third of Ministers (35%) suffer from depression, at least as high as the national average. Clearly, depression in pastors has reached a level of crisis, given the national average is four times higher than just three years ago.

Barna Group, 2021
Pastoral Care, 2021

A national survey lists what pastors say are their top ten church ministries. Encouraging or mobilizing congregations to share their faith was not listed.

National Congregations Survey, 2020

The average age of ministers in America is 57 years old. 80% of ministers are more than 40 years old. Only 4% of ministers in America are under 30 years old!

National Congregations Survey, 2020
Faith Communities Today, 2020

Four-in-ten pastors (38%) of pastors have thought seriously about quitting full-time ministry in the past year, a nine-point jump in less than nine months.

Barna, 2021

In Harvard University’s 2019 freshman class, 39% of students identified as atheists or agnostic.

Harvard University Poll, 2019