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92% of churchgoers say they don’t plan to attend church more often after the Coronavirus pandemic is over, than they did before the pandemic began.

Pew Research Center, July 2020
More Recent Stats

Americans’ level of trust in religious leaders has sunk to 37%, the lowest Gallup has ever recorded.

Gallup Poll, 2020

Only 12% of young people, ages 18-24, identify as Evangelical Christians, which is less than half of the National average.

Survey of Young Americans, Harvard Kennedy School, 2019

There were five times more web searches conducted for “End Times” in March 2020, compared to any other month, since Google began collecting data more than 15 years ago. However, by the last week of September, interest in “End Times” searches faded to pre-pandemic levels.

Google Trends

Almost half of all Americans (44%) have no idea where they’ll go when they die, but only 2% believe they’ll go to Hell.

American Worldview Inventory, Arizona Christian University & Barna, 2020 

Barely a majority of Millennials (57%) believe the Declaration of Independence better “guarantees freedom and equality” over Communist Manifesto.

YouGov, 2019