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This Week's Shocking Statistic

Shocking Statistics' report on alarming trends, recently discovered by a highly reliable research study.

73% of churched Millennials believe they are gifted at sharing their faith, but half of them (47%) think it is wrong to share the faith with someone of a different faith.

Barna Research Group, 2018
More Recent Stats

29% of Americans say they will get even with someone who has wronged them.

Cultural Research Center, Arizona Christian University, 2021

85% of young people ages 12-25 don’t see their church as a place they can turn to in times of trouble.

Springtide Research, 2021

Nearly half of Americans (47%) who pray every day usually pray for only but a few seconds or a minute or two.

Baylor Religion Surveys, 2021

More than half of all evangelicals are over 55 years of age compared to just one-third in 2008.

CCES, 2020

The average American hasn’t made a friend in the five years before COVID.

OnePoll, 2019