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Check out these Faith Sharing resources to help move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus!

Faith Sharing Resources to help you!

One of the deepest set paradigms in the Church is that faith sharing is only for those who are gifted, trained or in paid ministry . . . which defies the Great Commission and the totality of scripture. This can only be remedied by a full court press on the entire Body of Christ from every vantage point.

To accomplish this task, IgniteAmerica has created a comprehensive menu of powerful faith sharing resources, designed to inspire all followers of Jesus Christ with determination to IgniteAmerica with Revival! How is the world going to know that God loves them unless someone tells them? It’s time for every believer to take personal responsibility for moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus!

Take Advantage of
These Hot Topics!

“Hot Topics” arms you with easy ways to inject God and Scripture into the most discussed issue in every conversation, every week, without raising eyebrows.

10 Ways to Start
God Centered Conversations

These “Ten Easy Ways to Open God Centered Conversations” are only meant to get you started… and will lead to hundreds more!

These resources are free. Your name and email address are all that you need to provide to get immediate, free downloads from IgniteAmerica.