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The Ignite America app provides you with access to all of the resources of IgniteAmerica.com and our other websites at your fingertips. From inspirational videos and messages to practical resources to help you engage people in faith conversations and help move everyone, every day closer to Jesus. It’s free! Simply go to Apple App Store or Google Play to download it and start using it today.

Ignite America App on iPhone
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Ignite ePrayer
Your most powerful faith sharing tool. Capture and maximize every offer to pray for someone with details, reminders and effortless follow ups.
One Minute Inspirations
Start every day with 60 seconds of inspiration that will change your life and theirs.
Faith Sharing Stories
Video stories of people just like you having fun sharing their faith.
Research and statistics
This information will inspire you to share your faith and involve others to do the same.
The full resources of this website at your fingertips.
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