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Ignite ePrayer will help you maximize every offer to pray for someone with details about your prayer, calendar reminders and effortless follow ups. Ignite ePrayer is easy to use. You can create your personal account by clicking this link. It’s available on this website or as part of the Ignite America app.

Check out the Ignite ePrayer features.

List icon My Prayer Journal
Each of your prayer entries is listed by date and includes the name of the person, a description or their prayer need and their email easily communicate with them through the ”Share” function described below. You can also categorize prayers that have been answered for times to give thanks and praise to God.
Ignite ePrayer Prayer Journal
Envelop icon Share prayer requests
Ignite ePrayer’s “Share” feature makes it easy to send an email to the person you’re praying for to encourage them by letting them know you’re praying or to request updates so you can pray specifically. You can also share prayer requests with others.
Ignite ePrayer Share Prayer
Calendar icon Easily set prayer reminders on your calendar
The “Add to Calendar” feature makes it easy to add a prayer to you calendar for a one-time reminder or reminders that repeat daily, weekly or monthly.
Ignite ePrayer Prayer Reminder
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