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10 Ways to Start Conversations

Most people don’t share their faith because they don’t know how to get started. Once the conversation starts, it has a life of its own. But until you intentionally commit to sharing your faith at every opportunity, you won’t be looking for the easiest path of entry into God-Centered Conversations. As long as pleasing and

10 Ways to Start God Centered Conversations

These ‘Ten Easy Ways to Open God Centered Conversations’ are only meant to get you started … and will lead to hundreds more. While the task of leading people to Jesus is daunting and the consequences are eternal, the joy of leading people to the Lord is unexplainable. Includes helpful suggestions like: Ask people: “Is

2018 Winter Olympics – Facing Failure

The thrills of victory and agony of defeat provide the “Hot Topics” of the Olympics and the visuals that stay with us. This is a red ‘Hot Topic’ for those on the verge of defeat, in some part of their lives, and have no idea how to cope with it. The faces on the fallen athletes reflect our options ranging from sobs to…

31% of all young adults…

31% of all young adults, who have grown up in church, have left the church because “it was boring”.