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It’s Not About Us! This website is a fast-track for connecting you with Faith Sharing Christians like you, nationwide, who are Igniting America with Revival! Watch Video


Ignite America with Revival! Move Everyone, Every Day, Closer to Jesus For decades, we’ve taught, preached and believed that sharing our faith is an option and we’re suffering the consequences. With less than 20% of our population still going to Church regularly, Satan has filled the void of our Godless Society with unprecedented dis-function, anger


Be inspired by real stories of real people. Watch the testimonies of people whose lives were changed when they starting sharing their faith.


Sharing Your Faith Is Not Optional…

Why Share?

Sharing Your Faith Will Change Your Life! There’s nothing that rivals the joy that comes from leading people closer to Jesus, and it’s never been easier! With over 80% of the unchurched knowing the world is out of control . . . and hoping there’s a God who can make sense out of the chaos.

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Setting The Stage will Ignite Revival in you as you Ignite America with Revival. The two go hand in hand. Regardless of whether: You have never considered being an intentional faith sharer. You feel convicted to do it but don’t know how. You have tried to do it without success. You are already sharing

Join the Rebellion

Join the Rebellion As a country, we’ve fallen from “Where do you go to church?” to “Do you go to church?” to being ostracized if you even mention church … from being the Most-Christian Nation to being a Post-Christian Nation. The enemy has taken our land as we’ve sat silently and watched … and complained