Episode 13

‘Never Lift’ off the Gas Pedal of Your Life

Racecar drivers ‘Never Lift’ out of fear (off the gas pedal) or they’ll lose their race. Overcoming Christians ‘Never Lift’ out of fear because we Trust the Lord with Our Whole Heart!

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Show Notes

In car racing, successful drivers know to “never lift” — to keep your foot on the accelerator and keep moving without fear. Learn how to apply this truth to your life as you love God and live for His purpose … without fear!

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more!

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Episode Transcript

How would you like to live your life – fearlessly? With all that’s going on right now, how would you like to live without fear? Well, guess what, it’s not only possible, it’s easy! And we’re going to tell you why – and how, right now!

You know, there’s a Car Guy Term that says: Peddle to the Medal. And almost everyone knows what that means. It means pushing the accelerator down to the floor with a burst of adrenaline. But there’s another Car Guy Term that you probably don’t know, unless you’ve actually done some racing.

The term is ‘Never Lift’ and I’ve done enough racing to know exactly what ‘Never Lift’ means. There’s a reason the same drivers keep winning most of the races. The cars themselves are pretty well evenly matched, so the skill of the driver, you might even say the mindset of the driver is critical.

I learned this truth at the first turn I encountered, when fear motivated me to lift off of the accelerator, and I was immediately passed by a driver with – less fear. You see – when there’s no fear, you ‘Never Lift’

And this so applies to how we live our lives. We can be at the top of our game – feeling invincible one moment, and be devastated the next moment with the report that your daughter just died or you’re losing your business or the doctors tell you – there’s no hope.

Well, I’ve been through all of those experiences and I have good news for you! When those days come, and they surely will, in fact you may be there right now, you can go right through them without fear – without lifting! If you never fear, you never lift!

I had a joint venture partner, who took control of my board of directors, and was planning to throw me out of my business the next morning with a board meeting conference call. Now, mind you – It was too late for me to start over. I was 65 years old – and I was about to lose my 100-year-old family business – my Dad’s business – my income – my reputation – and my testimony! Well, where’s Barry’s God now? He lost his business.

It was a total disaster – a life disaster – and I had nowhere to run, but to God. But I never lifted – and I asked God for nothing. Had the Lord not prepared me in advance, with so many other struggles and victories before that, I can only imagine how I would have been crying out to God Please Save Me!!! Help me God!!!

But I was way past that point. Before I went to bed that night, I actually prayed the shortest prayer of my life. I said Lord, I ask you for nothing, because of two things. 1) You know I live for Your Purpose, moving everyone, everyday closer to Jesus, and 2) I know you’ll Keep Your Word and you’ll make everything in this work for good – even if it means losing my business – because – I live for your Purpose – to seek and save the lost.

And as God hears me speaking right now, I can tell you I went to sleep immediately after that prayer, slept all night, never woke up, got up in the next morning fresh and ready to go – went to my attorney’s office where I took the conference call – and I watched God stop my joint venture partner in his tracks in less than 8 minutes – with something that happened 5 years earlier – and I couldn’t help but break out laughing.

I John 4 says it well: Perfect love casts out all fear. God IS Faithful, His Promises ARE True and/And you’ll never have to fear/ you’ll never lift – when you Love God – and Live for His Purpose – to seek and save the lost.

It’s that easy!

See you next time!

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