Ignite America with Revival!

Move Everyone, Every Day, Closer to Jesus

For decades, we’ve taught, preached and believed that sharing our faith is an option and we’re suffering the consequences.

With less than 20% of our population still going to Church regularly, Satan has filled the void of our Godless Society with unprecedented dis-function, anger and obscenity.

As it was with Children of Israel in the Old Testament, our hearts have turned to false idols and turned cold toward God.

We’ve turned our lights off and left the world in darkness.  How are they going to know unless someone tells them . . . unless you tell them?

God’s given us one more chance before He Allows America’s destruction to take place.  This is Spiritual Warfare, of Biblical proportions, that cannot be won with politics or the wisdom of man.  It must be fought spiritually by every Christian in America.

“Move everyone, every day,
closer to Jesus!”

God’s called us to be the Light of the World, so the world can see Him through us and want what we have.  Each of us bears equal responsibility for the fate of our country and everyone in it.

The Great Commission does not say ‘Go ye, all who are especially gifted or are in full time ministry’.  We’re all commissioned to Move Everyone, Every Day, Closer to Jesus.

God’s Purpose is to Seek and Save the Lost…that none should be lost.  And when you live for God’s Purpose – the salvation of everyone around you – He promises to end your worries by making everything in your life work for good.  Everything!

God’s given you influence!  Once you get to Heaven, the only thing that will matter is how many people are in Heaven or on their way to Heaven because of your influence.  Everything else is ‘hay and stubble’.


Eighty percent of the un-churched know our world is out of control, would like to believe there is a God and is looking for some one to tell them about Him.  Even more amazing, eighty three percent already have a Christian in their life that they trust.  But less than 1% of us are living God’s Purpose and telling them about Jesus.

God’s given us all the influence we need to make America a Christian Nation again.   We will Ignite America with Revival when we commit to Move Everyone, Every Day, Closer to Jesus.