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What Happened to America?

Everyone’s asking the same question. It’s probably the most asked question today and the best opportunity you’ve ever had to share your faith and help move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus.

54% of U.S. churches allow openly…

54% of U.S. churches allow openly gay or lesbian couples to hold full-fledged memberships, an increase of 70% compared to just twelve years ago.

God Calls.  We Answer. – Lyndsee Farzan

Back in college, Lyndsee had a paper that was due, and her priority was to get it done.  When she heard a commotion in front of her house, her first thought was to let another neighbor go and help.  But God nudged Lyndsee, and she responded.  The commotion was a car accident involving a mom

68% of all evangelical churches…

68% of all evangelical churches in the United States have a congregation with less than 100 people including children and half of those churches have less than 50!

Start by Breaking Down Barriers – Emmanuel Hernandez

Working full-time for a well-known ridesharing service, Emmanuel meets people from all walks of life including strippers and prostitutes.  The one thing that they all have in common is they need someone to share God’s love.  Learn how he starts faith conversations by first breaking down communications barriers and then making a relevant connection between

Be Real.  Be Authentic.  Be a Blessing. – Jenni Krippner

In fifth grade, Jenni started sharing her faith before she even knew what it meant to share her faith.  What she did then is what she still does today.  It’s simple.  Each of us can do it.  All we need to do is be faithful seed planters and then watch to see how God makes