The Bible Study that Ignites Your Life!

The Bible Study that Ignites Your Life!

It’s Not a “Yikes” — It’s a “Wow!”

The first thoughts of moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus begin when you’re reading the first chapter of Ignite Your Life, quickly morphing into trial runs and surprising conversations. The most often heard comment from readers is that, “This book changed my life,” and, “I never knew it was so easy to share my faith!” It’s like they found a new toy and they can’t stop playing with it. And every time you use it, it’s another exciting experience.

It’s the counter opposite of what you’ve been told to expect your entire life. When you’re moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus, stress disappears, fear is gone, and every day becomes an adventure. No one has to tell you to be in the Word and on your knees. You can’t get there fast enough to stay ahead of the questions you’re being asked and lifting everyone you’re meeting up to the Lord.

It Becomes as Easy as Breathing

Sharing your faith puts everything in your life in its proper order and God’s intended purpose. Your prayer life moves from almost nonexistent, to never-ending, as every moment provides new opportunities.

Yes, your normal activities and passions continue uninterrupted, but the excitement of knowing all of them provide opportunities to lead people to Jesus changes everything. Your normal activities give you credibility and opportunity. You’re in full-time ministry. Everything you say and do is leading everyone watching you closer or further away from God.

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Most of the readers of Ignite Your Life are reading it multiple times and still wanting more. The more you know the more you want to know. Almost immediately, Bible Studies were starting up all over the world in search of knowing more about the “how to’s.” The book is especially good at igniting people to share their faith. But most are still struggling with the concept of letting God do all the work. It’s almost too easy!

If this sounds familiar and you’re wanting to know more about how to ignite your life for the rest of your life, click here, and you’ll find our free, digital, downloadable nine lesson video Bible Study, complete with a lesson guide, additional supporting videos and articles, and scriptural bibliography. This is advanced training for those who are advanced in their desire to live their lives for God’s purpose.

Expect nothing that you’ve been told previously to be found in this Bible Study. There are no instructions, nothing to learn, nothing to memorize and nothing to recite when sharing your faith! No one has to train you on how to love on people!

And when you love on them, the Holy Spirit will tell them your love is real and they will love you back with trust, and by sharing their deepest needs. It happens so quickly . . . with complete strangers! And that’s when the Holy Spirit (Luke 12:12) will give you the words to say when you need them – miracles happen, and your faith explodes. God’s primary focus is how the sharing of your faith ignites your faith!

Experience Heaven on Earth!

This is how you enter into the “sweet spot” with God, knowing you’re living for God’s purpose AND in His promise to make everything in your life work for good. It’s almost like living in Heaven before you get to Heaven, enjoying intimacy with God that’s palpable . . . living in the freedom of knowing nothing can happen to you unless God allows it to happen for His glory, to bring more people to Him.

Each video session is led by Barry, with the added dynamic of three active group discussions during each session, sharing your stories after each session, putting what you’re learning into action between the sessions, and reporting back. Make no mistake about it: By the time you complete the ninth session, you’ll be all-in, having the time of your life, for the rest of your life.

This is not added input for how you are to live the Christian life. This is how God expects you to live your life all day, every day, until you see Him-face to-face . . . and enter into your reward . . . in Heaven!


Barry’s podcast destroys all the fears of faith sharing by understanding how sharing your faith ignites your faith – and your life!

The Bible Study that Ignites Your Life!

When you’re moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus, stress disappears, fear is gone, and every day becomes an adventure.

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