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Shocking Statistics' report on alarming trends, recently discovered by a highly reliable research study.

76% of Americans affirm that Jesus was a historical figure. Even 50% of the unchurched agree. However, when the unchurched were asked to select words they associate with Christians they chose hypocritical (55%), judgmental (54%), and self-righteous (50%).

Jesus in America Study, Ipsos Research, 2022
More Recent Stats

One-in-five Americans (20%) believe the QAnon claim that a storm of biblical proportions may soon sweep away the evil elites controlling the powers of government.

Public Religion Research Institute, 2021

Only one-third of Canadians (34%) are certain God exists compared to 53% of Americans. Is this where we’re headed?

Angus Reid, 2022

25% of American Christians say it’s no big deal whether they grow spiritually.

Barna, 2022

56% of Christians feel their spiritual life is entirely private and it’s no one else’s business.

Barna, 2022

About one-third of Ministers (35%) suffer from depression, at least as high as the national average. Clearly, depression in pastors has reached a level of crisis, given the national average is four times higher than just three years ago.

Barna Group, 2021
Pastoral Care, 2021