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The Story Behind the Story

With Christmas almost here, it’s time to reflect on where we are in human history and what God has in store for us in 2020.
This year has been unlike any other as it relates to cultural chaos. And the phrase, “We have met the enemy and he is us,” has never been more appropriate. This is what a Post-Christian nation, that we’ve allowed to happen, looks like!

America’s Spiritual Decline is Accelerating!
In 1960, 70% of Americans were weekly church attenders. That number is now 20%. When 50% of a culture moves away from God to other interests, there are consequences. We’re now experiencing those consequences. By the way, you can inject this thought into almost every conversation today without raising eyebrows.

Of all the faith groups (Evangelicals, Mainline Protestants, Catholics and Jews, etc.) the only faith group that’s growing is called “Nones,” which includes atheists, agnostics and people that may believe there’s a God but have left organized religion. Nones are now the largest faith group in America, and the insanity of their rhetoric is caused by Satan blinding their eyes (2 Cor 4:4). This is spiritual warfare and explains everything!

We’re Losing Our Most Faithful
From 1990 to 2010, weekly church attenders only declined 1% per decade. But from 2010 to 2014, that decline jumped to 4%, and from 2014 to 2018, weekly church attenders dropped an astounding 18%. If this trend continues over the next four years, the Church will be in jeopardy. This is deadly serious!!!

The Fields Are White For Harvest
More than 80% of the unchurched know the world is out of control, would like to believe there’s a God who can make sense out of the chaos, are looking for someone to tell them, and already have a Christian in their life that they trust. We could literally evangelize America in 30 days. But the laborers are few! Less than 1% of us are intentionally sharing our faith on a daily basis. God help us!

There Is A Solution!
If you want the Joy of Christmas back, here’s God’s message: I appointed you as my witness so that you will believe. (Isaiah 43:10) Sharing your faith ignites your Bible Study and Prayer Life with purpose and turns every day into an adventure . . . so you will believe! And when you bear fruit, My Joy (God’s Joy) will remain with you and your joy will be full. (John 15:8-11) If you need the Joy of Christmas back in your life, this is how you get it!

Our Only Hope
With 80% of Americans no longer attending church regularly, revival outside the walls of the church is our only hope for turning America back to God. None of us can change the world, but all of us can change our worlds. And when all of us change our worlds, we will change the world, one person at a time, by the millions.

The end of apathy and the beginning of joy begins the moment you decide to get in the game and move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus. And your world is waiting for you to do that!

Thanks To You!
Thank you for helping us ignite Christians with our Ignite with Barry Meguiar daily radio features on over 800 Christians Radio Stations in 47 states, our expanded social media reach with our ROTW Mobile App, and that provide in-depth teaching, shocking statistics and Hot Topics with ways to inject God into the hottest topics being discussed at that moment.

And now we’ve launched Ignite Your Life Television airing globally on Christian Television Networks including Daystar, GEBAmerica, NRBTV, CBN, and Each episode features Ignited Christians, as role models, who are having the time of their lives moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus. For air times and live stream of past programs, go to

Christmas is the easiest time to share your faith at every opportunity. And once you start, you’ll never stop!

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