People Want to Know

There’s nowhere to run anymore — no place of safety. At any moment, any of us can be attacked on the street, in our schools, our theaters and even our churches. There’s no place to invest our fortune, if we have one, that’s beyond a possible meltdown. Regardless of whether you’re rich or poor, the world’s coming to believe that if there is a God, He’s our only refuge.

A staggering 86% of the unchurched now find themselves wanting to believe there’s a God and wanting to talk to someone who knows who He is, but they won’t go into a church. Instead, they’re listening to Christian radio where they can have anonymity. The unchurched now represent a full one-third of all listeners to Christian radio.

From a faith sharing perspective, this is an unprecedented opportunity. Contrary to what you may believe, most of the unchurched people in your life want to know more about God and it’s not by accident that God’s placed you in their lives.