Herb Ellingwood – The Search for Joy

Barry Meguiar has been sharing his faith for over 40 years! Learn how Herb Ellingwood, the legal affairs secretary for Governor Reagan, was the spark that ignited Barry into the “full-time ministry” of sharing his faith! You can have the same never-ceasing joy that Barry gets on daily basis and start living out God’s purpose for your life!

Whole Hearted Faith

We’re called “people of faith” for a reason. We place our faith in God and not in ourselves. Are you in the midst of worrying about something? Are you ever worry that God might not answer your prayers over something? That’s not faith! That’s lack of faith and without faith, it’s impossible to please God. In James 1, God tells us He will answer our prayers and give us what we want when we ask with unwavering faith, which means without worry. It’s impossible for faith and worry to coexist. If you want to believe more, you need to share your faith more, because the two are inextricably connected!