Episode 63

How He Loves Us

Join host Barry Meguiar as he talks with America’s Tenor, Steve Amerson, and author Bill Wiese about how we should always be sharing God’s love with those around us. Hear more about how there is no such thing as a secular conversation!

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Show Notes

We never know when we’re going to have the opportunity to help someone understand just how much God loves them. In this episode, Barry talks with America’s Tenor, Steve Amerson, and author Bill Wiese about the many ways that God is using us every day to bring people closer to Him.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com

Steve Amerson, America’s Tenor, provides music for countless ministry organizations. For more information, visit SteveAmerson.com

Bill Wiese is the author of 23 Minutes in Hell. An accomplished speaker, he has done over 400 radio interviews in the Christian and mainstream markets.

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Episode Transcript

We’ll get back to ignite having more fun than we ever dreamed we could have. Like, it’s three old guys while your daddy, I, the old guy. And the next year guys would lie to you. I mean, just amazing. The fun we’re having. I mean, I made the urge, what? 81 years old I never dreamed I’d have the time my life where I was at what I thought I’d be hobbling around, you know, but every day is an adventure is I don’t see you as a hobby. I think Karen’s probably going very slow down. So, Bill Weir, he’s the author of 23 minutes in the hell are you talking? You helped us understand real good, why we don’t want to go to hell. Why don’t you explain that really? Why you want to get that book? And, and Steve Emerson, the great voice and great tenor and a great evangelist. I mean, you are about I don’t like I say over the term evangelizing. If you are nobody wants to evangelize and nobody wants to be evangelized or face shares. I guess that’s the best way to do it. But we’re all three do it every moment of the day. That’s that’s like breathing. Well, it isn’t. You know, Barry, I have two older brothers. I’m the younger, more handsome, more talented, more humble brothers. And I remind them, but my dad was was a pastor. And he was a great soul winner. Dad would was one of those great old pastors, he would make roughly 40 to 50 Hospital calls every week. And he would visit people at their homes. But so you were taught well, you were mentored Well, my middle brother Bill says, You know what, you’re so much like dad, so much like my father just in terms into your children. They’re watching you focus a level on people. But I remember the last time I was with my dad before he died, and I was there was back in southern Indiana, with my brother Bill. And his wife, Ruth Ann, and I just gotten there. We said, Dad, we’re gonna go get something to eat, or I’m gonna get some dinner. And my dad would pray at you know, at anything over bowling scores or whatever, you know. And so let’s let’s pray. So we’re just gonna be gone for like a half an hour. So we pray. So dad’s Good Lord, thank You for Bill and his kindness and why him and thank you for Ruth for taking such great care of me and, and thank you for other family members present. Good remember my name. So I became I was in emails for the next couple of weeks. I was other family members or friends, other family. But my dad was such a witness and loved on people. And people knew my daddy that he was just a lover of them. And my dad through the years, brought so many people closer to Jesus, just by the love that he shared on Pete. Well, we don’t know. But we’re all mentoring other people. Yeah. And that’s just the three of us. It’s every Christian. We’re all we’re all part of the family. Right? And I’m just the other family member presents. But we are we’re encouraging each other. We’re ministering not just to non Christians. I mean, the bigger mission field is to the church that are struggling and not having joy, it whatever people around us in our own Christian community, we’re mentoring that because they’re wondering, why do you have joy? Why? Why do you have all this energy? Oh, you really want to know? Because I’ve always coming off one of these mountaintop experiences that continually happens if I walk out? I’d say yes. I can’t wait for the next one. Right, right. You know, where we were, I was at a church and a husband wife came up to me and, and her husband said, build my wife, read your book recently, and the part about what it is to be saved to repent and receive Jesus. He said she was determined to commit suicide. She has made her mind up that night she was going to commit suicide. But she read your book. And here she is now. She gave her life to Jesus. And we both serve God in the church. And so the joy that was over him, what does that do for you? Right? I thought praise lady was about to commit suicide. And she read she read something that you wrote, right, which is the gospel? Yes, of course. Of course. You know, I didn’t write the gospel, Sharon. Did I want your autograph. But you communicated the gospel to her exactly without even talking to her. And now the husband and wife were filled with joy. And they were they were out witnessing to everybody that they could come across. So again, you talk about the joy of the Lord. You know, Paul talked about that in first Thessalonians. Two, he talked about the people that he just led to the Lord and that chapter, and he goes, You are my crown in my joy, because you’re going to heaven now. And that is so joyful for all of us. Right, and we get truckloads in order from one retailer and it’s 13 truckloads. You don’t need a little bitty bottles or a truckload right? If you want to have fun I mean, that’s exciting. I gotta tell you I still get excited. Right? That is amazing. pales peels not even in the in the same room. With leaving somebody that right like that, and knowing that’s for eternity. Do you guys have people coming up to us? On a regular basis, Terry said, Because of your influence, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord, and I’m in heaven today because of your influence. Can you imagine his heavy one person? Tell us that in heaven? There’s one. There’s a, there’s a girl in an office that I visit sometimes. And she saw a note that I had written of encouragement to her to her boss, and I met her I’d never met her. And she said your note, she read my note before it got to her boss, because they’re not okay. Okay. And she goes, that verse room for a twofer. Exactly. Which brings me joy. Yeah. And she, she said, what you wrote, really encouraged me. And I said to her, Oh, Courtney, God loves you so much. And it’s what she’s how she responded shocked me. She said, I hope so. Oh. And I said, Oh, hello. Coordinate, God loves you so much. So I go to that office every couple of weeks when I walked in there this past week, I walked in the door. Courtney was there. And she introduced me to someone else in the office. And she said, Steve is the office favorite. To know that I’ve been able to encourage her to love and berry that brought me joy, just knowing that I’m moving her just a little closer and free. Do you know most people don’t understand that God loves them. They don’t, they can’t comprehend it. They think all the bad stuffs happening in their lives. And because God is mad at them. They feel like God is beating up on them. The strongest message you can say it anyway. And they’ll never get badgers and his God loves you. And oftentimes, you know, they were rejected. They can’t believe it. They just not after all I’ve done Oh, yeah. But it’s fun when you pursue it a little bit. And you’re not you’re not offensive when you do this. You say no, God actually loves you. He really does. No, no, he gets better than that. Don’t God loves you as much as he’s ever loved any body wash. Yeah, he’s a respecter of persons. He loves you, as much as he’s ever loved anybody ever. That’s how much he loves you. And if you want to recap and explain to them that He loves you, as much as He loves His own Son, Jesus Christ, they don’t get mad at you. They’re so taken aback by that. He that that sort of love where they realize that God’s there still hope. It raises hope, right? He could still he can still love me. He loves me in spite of everything, and then it opens the doors for great conversation. But it’s all about love. And it is facing 319 His love passes knowledge. Oh, that’s it beyond our ability to love each other. Yeah, so much is even beyond our words. You know, when we’re when he would he loves us? He said vacationing us. Okay, the entire purpose of His love 1,000% Is he salvation as he’s, he’s loving us to bring us to heaven. And then we’re supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves. So there’s no such thing as a secular conversation. Folks, there’s no such thing as a secular conversation. When you’re talking to everybody the smallest conversation of care what it is, it’s a sacred conversation in this respect. Your your intent, if you’re living to move everybody everyday, closer to Jesus, you want to do that, in your words to them. And when you do that, is that you? It’s God, God, is salvation being them through you. Can you imagine that? You sell vacationing people through us, he’s using us to bring them to him. Yes. You know, the moment you know how much he loves. He loves them to death. He is he does to the last breath. I love them to ever use even the death of the hardest and people in our lives. He loves as much as He loves us. He loves us. He loves anybody. He loves them. You think of all the despicable people in our lives if he would drive us crazy. God loves them. And I’m going to be mad at them. I’ll forgive you when you forgive those. We have to love them and those that hurts the most are hurting the most. He gives us the opportunity to witness to them and sometimes it takes years. But they come around so many times at the end before the die they need to I need to talk to Steve I don’t have one minute the shares Yeah, here’s your just again about the love of God. I was speaking at a church and a young man. 20 year old came up at the back and he said Bill if somebody gave me a book a year ago, I threw it in the trash. I was an atheist. I just I remember your name and I was driving by the church tonight at five of seven and it said Bill we speaking at seven o’clock. And he thought I thought to myself what’s he doing out in the middle of nowhere this was in a country church in the middle of nowhere. Oh my goodness. And five of seven I’m speaking except God moment he was on On his way to commit suicide, oh my god, he was gonna drive his car off the cliff. Because he said, I just killed somebody. It was by accident, but I murdered somebody. And it was just an accident. But I know that I’ll go to jail, but I heard you speak. And you talked about prison cells in hell. And I didn’t want to go to hell for all eternity. So I gave my heart to Jesus. And he says, I don’t care if I go to jail. Now I’m going to heaven. I just want to thank you for coming here. Yes, now. Yes. You see, the point was, look how God orchestrated that. For him. They’d be driving by at five of seven, to be tempted to come to the service, have gotten my book a year ago, and then throw it in the trash. And remember mining, I mean, that’s God’s goodness, how much he loves everybody. He doesn’t want one person to go to hell, but he’s given us that free will to chill reality is 80% of the people around us are going to hell, they’re lost. Do you get that they’re lost? Because I’ve had no way to tell them that is our responsibility. All at any given time. There are people around us are ready to commit suicide only we have no idea. And we get to be his ambassador. There reached out to touch people and love on them, and see lives change in front of them and there’s nothing in life it comes into workflows is the experience of doing that and having that joy at the mercy with God. Hallelujah. Are we havin fun? Wow. Join us Would you end our booking? Ignite your life would tell you all that are you going to ignite america.com will tell you all the whys and wherefores and how much fun it is the emphasis is it’s fun, and we’re all caught up. There’s no excuses, folks. He didn’t say go to the world and and and pray or go in the world and and read your Bible. He’s gone the world and tell people about Jesus and there’s no qualifiers. He didn’t say go to the road of your train or you have Bible knowledge. He just said Go for it saying he was we had this in this podcast. Go in the name of Jesus. Go you are set. See you next time.

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