Episode 60

The Joy of the Lord

America’s Tenor, Steve Amerson joins host Barry Meguiar once again to share more insights into the importance of loving people. When we love others, we help people understand God’s love for them.

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Show Notes

By sharing our faith, we bring joy to God! In that joy, we gain our strength. We’re called to “love on” people until they ask us why we are doing it. We do this by praying for them, sharing our faith, and taking every opportunity to bring them, every day, closer to God.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

Steve Amerson, known as America’s Tenor, provides music for countless ministry organizations. His voice can be heard in over 175 feature films including Evan Almighty, La La Land, and The Patriot. For more information, you can visit SteveAmerson.com.

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Episode Transcript

Oh Love of God how rich and how measured Welcome back Jerry night and again you’re listening to the magnificent voice of Steve aimers them and I don’t want to belabor that but but you speak I mean you seeing all over the place to stadiums, I mean your voices as yours don’t need a sound system. He’s gifted you with this great voice and, and after all the years it’s better now but it was 10 years ago, I’m blessed God gave me a gift. You know, sometimes people are jealous of people and their gifts. But I consider my gift a real responsibility to take care of it tend to hone it to use it well. So God’s opened the doors to sing at the Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall and inside the in the Rotunda in the United States. You haven’t lived till you’re in the retirement, you know, you’re in the retail, you get this echoing effect. Right. And you get Steve Abramson right in the middle of that scene. It is God just like it’s like. I mean, it’s a lifetime experience. If you ever get that chance, and you do that. I did it. I did it last week. Did you really? Yeah. Oh, and it’s great to do that. I’ve been able to sing for a lot of events. I remember I was singing for an event in Nashville, probably six, eight months ago, I had completed my soundcheck The dinner was getting ready to begin, they were having their, you know, cocktail hour or whatever. And I slipped back to the, to the bar to the counter to get a coke. And the gals they’re serving me. And I just felt it very weren’t expected, you know, I wasn’t expecting it. And I just said, can I pray for you? And she looks at me. And she said, How did you know? And I said, the Spirit of God told. So there she is serving drinks. There it was at that the Opryland hotel and the big ballroom there. And you know, and just I just prayed for her. And you could just tell that there was something just below the surface something, you know, in her life. And what did that do for you? Oh, gosh, I was. I was so you know, I was I was pumped that I could bless her. But I was also excited that I heard from God. Yeah. And I and I listen, and I obey. Yeah. In some of those situations to get into your second. Yeah, the joy of the Lord is our strength. Okay. So when I have those experiences, not always but most times I look up I’m filled with emotion of jumping for joy. I look up because I could picture Jesus smiling. Like you actually pulled it off that time here and listen to it. You did it. You’re very yo I orchestrated and you pulled it off. Good job. The Scripture says, My joy is my strength. Oh no, it didn’t say that. joy of the Lord is my son joy. The Lord is my strength. And when I we can grieve God, or we can give joy Did you know you can give God joy? And when you do that, nothing gives me greater joy. And when you give him joy, you know, he’s looking at you with joy. What does that do for you? I mean, I just like, yeah, exactly. I was like, Dude, I know Dad’s but I I just do a little jig like, Oh, it’s so good. V Ray where God wanted me to. Well, on top of that, Barry, there are probably some people who are feeling rather anemic today that don’t have strength that are feeling weak. Oh, yeah. And the answer is Sharif right. And Joy. Joy brings us drinks and sharing your faith brings the joy you know, so when you’re when you’re down, look around and take advantage don’t don’t regret your problems take advantage of your problems. When I was dying in the hospital. I was dying. I said to God, they gave off my doctors gave off how to exit Okay, God, if I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die. I tried to lead as many people as I can. And with all the pain, I had pain and all that stuff, but I was spoken to who’s coming through the door DAX. And at the end, I had 23 Different doctors and nurses that I had serious conversation. Oh, man. I said maybe that’s why vice versa. I just but but wherever you are, take advantage of it. Yes, that is a puppet God. People don’t see it. don’t value my testimony when they see me as the guy that’s got the great wife and business and cars and stuff. Oh, it’s easy for him to smile. You know, who wouldn’t smile we have a very had. Well guess what that you read the breed my book, ignite your life, we had nothing. We had horrible things happen to us we lost her daughter 49 years of age, I don’t have Visby ripped away from me. And what you do at work then better is people looked at me when I’m in my pain, I’m still smiling. When I when I when I spoke at Nicole’s funeral, you know, I still had my joy. I was crying, but I still had my joy and I got to spend eternity with with Nicole and heaven. If you if you go to a to Nicole McGuire celebration of life, okay, it’s on YouTube. 17,000 People 17,000 People have seen Nicole’s funeral, Nicole Maguire celebration of life. And you know why? Because people tell me they get saved, and they’re telling other people, you got to see this, you know, you would say because of her passing, yes, Glory to God. Absolutely. And I couldn’t be with her for eternity. But use your pain, not in spite of your fame because you’re paid, you can share your faith, wherever you are in your vein, you know, it’s the same thing sharing your faith range your faith, right. And there, there are lots of ways to share your faith. One of the things that I do and you’re aware of this, I’m a prolific note writer. Oh, you’re great at that. And over the past nine years, I estimate that I’ve written somewhere between 35 and 36,000 notes. And many, many has a handwriting that that well, because it’s terrible. No, it’s wonderful. I look at that. I know Steve did that himself. And he gives me this, we’re encouraging. You always encourage me well, and I do that when I engage with members of Congress. And there’s, there’s one member who had been getting my notes for over two years. And I’d never met her. But she had been getting my notes, I would leave them in the office. And one day I walk into the office, and she standing there. And I have the opportunity to put my note in her hand. And she says you’re the one who’s been praying for me. And from that day on, our relationship was tight. Because I had invested. I had I hadn’t opened the door I had I had chummed. And then you know, the ocean? And then then that gave me she had so much more respect. Yeah. Because I had fed into her life I had invested there. And that opened the door for your life is an everything you do. It’s not a part of it. It’s not an add on kind of exactly. This is this is your life. This is what you live for this. This is how God wants us to live. And I’ll just stay away from all your stories in the halls of Congress. But you’re back there every couple of weeks. And you miss it all if you only because it doesn’t relate to you folks. If you hear me talking about what he’s doing in Congress, you can’t relate to that. So that’s a whole other world. But it doesn’t even matter if it’s Congress. Well, you still it’s the grocery store, right is it’s the DMV. It’s wherever you go. It’s the reservations person. It’s the checkout person. It’s the mechanic, just to be able to say, How’s your faith? Yeah. How you just loved one just loved one. Well, my thought is love people. Until they ask why. Yeah, well, that’s and then the doors are open. Did you catch that? Did you catch that? Your loved one people until they asked you? And they will? Yes, they will. And they will and it may take some time? Well, yes, it may. And other times, it’ll tell you within five minutes, it’s amazing how fast because the Holy Spirit Yes. The Holy Spirit spirit is confirming to them they don’t know it, but they know you’re there. No more stupid what I mean by loving them. Yes. And here’s a stranger loving on them. And within five minutes, many times they will open up start telling you things they wouldn’t tell their best friend. And now you know their need and then a Holy Spirit gives you the right scriptures to say exactly bingo. So Barry if I had one piece of advice is just love people. Until they ask why. You don’t get any better than that. No, that’s a good ending. That’s a good ending. We’ll have to come back sometime. Okay, sir, but and we may do our own thing with Billy sometimes that’d be great. You’re awesome. You’re awesome. We are we had entirely different lives. But we had the same life. Yes, we have the same the same love the same joys the same, the same focus of her life going the same direction you are absolutely and guess what? He’s coming soon. We’re running out of time, folks. We’re running out of time. Don’t waste time on the hood you know the dollar loss and may stay lost unless you allow God to use you to speak love into the lives until they ask the question. Why? See you The next time

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