Episode 59

How’s Your Faith?

Host Barry Meguiar talks with America’s Tenor, Steve Amerson, once again about how to effectively talk to others about our faith — and why it’s so important to follow through when we say we will pray for them.

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Show Notes

As sharers of faith, everything we say and do can either move people closer to or further away from God. Steve Amerson share how we must take every opportunity to try and “demystify” praying for others and sharing our faith.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

Steve Amerson, known as America’s Tenor, provides music for countless ministry organizations. His voice can be heard in over 175 feature films including Evan Almighty, La La Land, and The Patriot. For more information, you can visit SteveAmerson.com.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to ignite here with my good friend Steve Amosun. Did I get that right? You got it right. Amen. Yeah. Okay, so much fun hanging out with you. We couldn’t get it all into one episode. So I made to come back and do a second one. But this thing of sharing faith, it’s fun. It’s fun it is. And you know what I’ve learned that I shared in an earlier episode. You know, I asked people what they need God to do for them. Another line that I will sometimes use just as an icebreaker, I’ll just say, How’s your faith? And I picked that up, Barry, actually, President Bush 43 Ask a reporter David Gregory, who used to be at NBC one day, President Bush says to David Gregory, who’s Jewish Yeah. said how’s your faith? David ended up writing a book entitled, how’s your your faith? Oh, my gosh, that is also just a great just a tool and not not to not to be rote not to use all the time. But if you ask someone, how’s your fate? Yeah, it will make them think. And it’s not saying, if you were to die tonight, are you going to go to heaven? Or do you know that? Do you believe in Jesus, but just, Hey, Barry, just make it as simple as possible, non offensive as possible is your faith. And you know, what, as believers, sometimes our faith is right on top and some days, quite honestly, we’re struggling? So their answer wouldn’t be the same every day, you know, I say is somewhat similar to that I often say to people, do you have a faith experience in your life, just something to just throw it down? And just kind of, you know, you have is your faith posture in your life? Is there something that drives you to faith? And there’s 100 way I always try to say a little differently every time so not second. Same? Just the same words every time. But yeah, you just throw up there saying, Have faith. And I’ve found that people generally speaking are not bothered by No, because they’re just sick. Yeah. But you even by that quick answer, you know, where they are, like, you know, as, as I, as I fly, I will encounter people I never know who’s going to be seated next to me. And, oh, it was probably two or three months ago. I’m loading in and I see the guy that’s going to be my seatmate. And he’s probably 40 ish. He’s wearing real hip jeans, a real hip t shirt, a yarmulke, and a bunch of chains, a perfect candidate. Perfect. And so, you know, a lot of times people will adult say, you know, what do you do? Or where are you going? I’m, I’m going to Washington, DC. And what do you do? I said, normally, I say, Well, I’m in communications. Because a I sing, yeah. But I’m communicate. Yeah, I’m communicating when I sing. And when I involve in DC, I’m a communicator, and then they start digging more. Yeah, they want to know more. And so I just don’t dump the whole truckload on him all at once. I let him pull out and put Yeah, I got shoving. Yeah. I’m chomping. I’m just to just throw some jump and let them see ciders. There’s a sequence to that. I’m throwing it out what I what I love with every every face share I’ve met who is prolific at it has found they don’t have to beat people up. They could just sit there and relax and give some chum. Absolutely and see if they’re interested. You can’t beat people into Christianity force him to listen to you. But when they want to go in like this, yeah, forget it. But it was interesting by the end of the trip before we before we landed, and I got to know a bit about Robert, his life, his business, his partner, his lifestyle. But before we landed, I prayed for him. I didn’t ask permission. I prayed for him. And I prayed. And I close my prayer in the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac. Oh, yeah. That’s for Yes. And he was so open us. We traded we traded business cards. We have texted some sense. He’s intrigued. Yeah, he’s intrigued by my life by what I do. He had never, I have another I have another Jewish friend that I often will say, Okay, I’m going to be praying for you. And a couple of months back, he said, You’re the only person who said you’re going to pray for me. And you do it. When i i normally if I tell someone I’m going to pray for them. I do it right then. Yeah, yeah, you do it then and then you resolve to do it on and when you tell somebody you got to pray for them and you don’t pray for them and it goes badly for them. You You misrepresented God. I mean, you better be careful who you tell people, you pray for them. Because if you say it, you need to do it before God, you need to do it. My friend Frank said, You’re the only person who is actually prayed for me. I’m also we do one thing on our on our Ignite America app. It’s a prayer app. It’s a prayer app on our on our Ignite America app. We have a prayer app, you go to that. And you can actually put down the person’s name. Okay. You ask him what the problem is, is he why would I want to take care for note? Okay, so next week, I won’t have to worry is that their uncle? Or their niece? Or their cousin or the dog catcher? or what have you got it all down there, okay. You put it all down. And then with a touch of a button, you can send them a text or an email that will get to them. And they’ll say, Hi, this is Barry McGuire. I was we talked to the Walmart store. And I told you, I’d pray for you. And I’ve been doing that on a regular basis. Can you give me an update on what’s going on? So I can pray with more intelligence? Whoa, do we actually have an app that allows us to do that? Because how’d you get home? And was their name Susie or jetty? Or was it their ankle or their aunt? Or is when you’re doing it all day long? So you do it and people are rich? I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to actually pray for you. They’ll give you the information. And then you send them you could give them a custom one. Wow. And actually raise yourself so you’re you’re just been on my heart today. I told you I pray for it today. Particularly God asked me to pray for you. What should I pray for you about specific you do a custom What are you just said one that’s just it says I’ve been praying for you give me an update. You can do either one. That’s a prayer app on ignite america.com. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Go ahead. I’m so I would just I would just say that was a commercial. I think it’s your show yet. I’m not gonna stop you. But I think that we need to demystify, I’ll use that we’re sharing our faith and praying for people. When I grew up, grew up, I remembered, you know, one tool was the four spiritual laws, which are fantastic. And there was a program called evangelism. Read through both them exactly. I remember they’ve saved millions of people, and oh, God, for both on Monday night, people from our church would go visit people. Yeah, we did that. And those tools are so and I think they’re still viable for today. They are they are, but we don’t in today’s culture. We don’t visit people at their home very much. No, you couldn’t really do that. But you can’t ask for a better entree than to text someone or to send them an email and see if people will learn. There’s one particular office that I visit a lot. And the people that work in the office, just know that I’m a person of faith, that I’m positive and I was in there, and you’re available. I’m available. And it’s probably two months ago, I walked in and one of the girls behind the desk or name was Virginia. She said can you get me a Bible? There you go. There you go. Why? Why did she ask me? What is it I never what is it all people are watching she Virginia so something in me and she knew that I could be a source to share your faith is not just the word you say it’s it is an everything you do it is your kindness. People are watching you. And if you’re rude to somebody and different to somebody, if if something in a mode of emotion, a word comes out, that doesn’t make any sense if you’re indulging and crazy things you know, just because you think you can, all of those things. They’ve everything we say and do everything you say and do is moving everyone closer, or further away from God, everything. I had one guy come up to me in Monterrey in the middle of Pebble Beach with all the 1000 people. He sat and waited for me and he says, I just want to say thank you. So what for he says, You led me to the Lord. He’s you and I’ve never met. But I saw you talking about the Lord, several years ago, and I go to a lot of car shows all over the country. And you’re often there. And I’ve sat back and just watched how you treated people. And what you said I would listen, I was there a lot you never met me. But when I when I followed you I realize you are the real thing and that’s a god I wanted to serve. He says I except for the Lord. And now I’m sharing my faith. I never spoke to him. You didn’t have to? Because I did. You spoke to him. And then the Holy Spirit amplified everything you say and do is movie everybody watched you closer or further away from God, are you that’s just an emphasis of what you’re already taught because it’s so true. Absolutely. It’s so true. And you know, again, event was a program that I loved them and I learned from them and they’ve saved millions of lives. That here’s the problem. Most people have never gone to those programs. And the and they use that as an excuse. I’m not trained. You don’t have to be trained to love on people. Jesus said, though, you know, you’re my disciple by your love. And again, I say it over and over. But the most prolific of all faiths shares are new Christians who don’t even know Scripture. They don’t know they’re doing. They love Jesus. He’s their first love. And the first thing you do first, obviously is first thing you do your first work is is telling people about him. And so it’s all good. Absolutely. I get sick. I hesitate to ask, but could we could we talk about one more of the absolutely we do that have so would you like me back for one more? Last segment. I think that would be pretty cool. All right. Can we do that? Sorry. Come back. Okay. Come back and see us on Ignite.

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