Episode 58

Hungry for the Gospel

Barry Meguiar sits down with Steve Amerson, America’s Tenor to discuss how we can help others through sharing the Gospel. Even something as simple as asking someone if you can pray for them can change the entire tone of someone’s day.

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Show Notes

People are hungry for the Gospel and the hope it brings. No matter where he is performing, Steve Amerson always asks God the question, “Is there someone here that I’m supposed to say something to?” Sometimes the answer is yes, but other times the Lord tells him that he needs to pray for them instead. He never misses a divine appointment to share God’s word.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

Steve Amerson, known as America’s Tenor, provides music for countless ministry organizations. His voice can be heard in over 175 feature films including Evan Almighty, La La Land, and The Patriot. For more information, you can visit SteveAmerson.com.

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Episode Transcript

Oh my god Welcome back to ignite. You just heard the magnificent voice of Steve Emerson Americans tattered. I only say Steve Amosun because he’s sitting beside me, because he’s the only one that pronounces a name that way the rest of the world we all Steve Steve average that we think about it, and then we gotta get corrected. Yes, I’ve never heard that word that’s all over Steve. Amer said, it’s nice to have you here but it’s just the way we pronounce the name. So I’m glad you finally got it. Right. I’ve worked at it. You know, Karen, I find ourselves corrects each other. It’s a versus don’t say Emerson. Right. So Karen, I remembered. But anyway, we have more fun together doing that. We have laughed. Lots of cities around the nation. We also were or Steve singing today. He escaped scenes and huge stadiums. And I mean, the price. I mean, even the rodeo the National Finals Rodeo ago in Vegas, and there’s our buddy Steve Donner’s thing into the stadium. Exactly what people say there’s a lot of bolt the rodeo. There. I am singing at the rodeo. So but you do these great patriotic venues as well. But you always get a god a message in there. But then you did the stadiums in the ministries you talk to you and it just breaks hearts and, and even to our own home at Christmas. Yes. When you’ve come and we’ve had revival, they’re all at home, and you’re singing into 100 people at our home. And the Holy Spirit has moved and we’ve changed lives in our home. Barry, I believe that singing in your home singing at the rodeo wherever it might be. Those are divine appointments. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not by accident. And so God has placed me there. And I don’t know, the issue is for me to keep my eyes open. Yeah, keep my ears open. Yeah. Is there someone here that I’m supposed to say something to Yeah. And occasionally I’ll see someone in fact, that happened this past week. I thought, Lord, am I supposed to talk to that person? And sometimes I get a very distinct impression. Yes. And sometimes I get no, but pray for them right now. And they don’t even they don’t even know that I’m here that folks. They don’t know that I’m praying for them. And they don’t have to. But see, I’m trusting that God is speaking into their life. He’s He’s brought them onto your radar screen. Exactly. So you start praying for them. And oftentimes, there’s another opportunity down the road where the timing to talk to them happens. You know what, I think that I don’t always have to close the deal. No, no, I just need to open the door. I just need to open the door. You know, it makes me think years ago, I was checking in at LAX. And there was this gal that would check that was at the top of the line who worked for GE to there at the airport. And she would always check your boarding pass, make sure you’re in the right line. And I soon learned that her name was Pam, because I was there virtually every week, you look for those opportunities. And I’m getting I get up to the head of the line and she checks my boarding pass. And I said God bless you. And she said to me, he has. Good. So I go ahead. I’m back there in the next week or so I see Pam again. God bless you. He has. So I go ahead, get on my flight. I’m back another couple weeks. And I see her again. And in fact, I’m at the back of the line. There’s a long line and she looks at me and she goes you know in front of everybody. And I She’s like God bless you. She goes, he has I said, Pam, what do you need God to do for you today? And oh, man, here’s Oh, man. And so just right there right question at the rally x in front of the check in counter, just to ask her. What do you need God to do for you today? Yeah. And that’s a question I use a lot. And when I asked it, a lot of times people just say what? Because they’re unaccustomed to anyone saying, what do you need God to do for you today? And it’s an oak got very sometimes I have people say, Oh, I don’t need anything. And I’ll go Heavenly Father, I thank you that you have provided everything that they need. And they don’t need any prayer today. And they’re No they haven’t, you know, they have a deed, or they’re trying to get off but actually, they probably have the deeper need, but they’re just embarrassed to tell you exactly years ago I heard the statement. I don’t know we’re really where it originated from. But the statement is that everyone we know has a battle we know nothing about Yeah, everybody. Everybody and people are people sparing their Desperate, they are desperate. Oh God, we have we’re living at a time where everybody around us needs Jesus. I mean, only about 10% of us really know him. You know, so you fear at the minimum 80% of people around us are lost, and they’re hurting, they’re hurting. And they’re in fear. And they’re looking for somebody to tell them. There’s a god Exactly. They’re waiting for us to harvest is white for harvest. Yeah, I’m checking out a Vaughn since about three weeks ago, I’m checking out. And of course, you want to be considered of the of the clerk not take up too much of their time. But you know, she’s checking my stuff. And then as she’s finishing up, I just said, What do you need God to do for you today? And she just looks at me. And, and it just so it’s an interesting way to say it. Exactly. And some people are bothered by prayer or whatever. What would you like God to do for you today? That’s an open ended question. Exactly. If I can have God do something for me today. What would that be? Many times, many times people will say, he’s already done it. He woke me up this morning. But when you’re my age, every day, but but just understanding that there are hurting people all around us. And I do not want to miss one of the divine appointments. Yeah, that God has seen. And that’s what they are. They’re divided parts. Incidentally. People often say to me, God bless you, okay. And Euro might I don’t like to write responses, I think we just face sharing is about the individual and let the Holy Spirit tell us and maybe it’s this approach to this project. And once we get into a recitation of the same thing over and over, it’s a recitation and not the move of the Holy Spirit. But I do have a response. And they all go, wow. They say, God bless you today. And I said, What I say that was, thank you. He already does more than I deserve. Well, and I will say, God bless you a lot. But I, they can I see it with intent. Yeah. Look in the eye. Exactly. Not just God bless, you know, Hey, God bless you. You look in the eye. And when you say that, more than half the time when you do that, knowing the Holy Spirit is doing that, that you could see in their eyes, and oftentimes with tears, oh, they know, just for that simple phrase. They know, bless you exactly. Amazing. People are hungry and hurting. At the very minimum, we can do that. It’s how we move everybody everyday, of course to Jesus. If you just have a moment at first, have a good day and and God bless you. Wow, you can do that with the operator on the phone in a moment. Oh, bear, I’ve done. I tell you, I can’t tell you I fly one particular airline a lot. And I’m wondering, I’m fairly certain I have a reputation with all of the reservations. Because typically, after I’ve made my reservation, I will say what do you need God to do for you today? And even last week, when I made this reservation, the girl’s name was Vaughn. And I prayed for her. And then there was silence on the end of the phone. And she said, No one has ever done that for me before in their lives. And Barry, that is so exciting. That is so fun. I mean to see, I mean praying for people sometimes freak them out. I love doing that. It’s just so much fun. Okay, have you ever had anybody turn you down? Yes, you have? Yes. I’ve never had one person I’ve had. I’ve had two people. You know that I spent a lot of time in Washington DC and I had two people in the halls of Congress. Yes. I understand that. You can’t count that. I had one child go on the general. I had one member I just started praying goes, What are you doing? You don’t know me. But I went ahead and prayed anyway, I said In Jesus name, amen. In the general public where our audience lives. People are hungry. People don’t turn us down. It’s just crazy. You feel they’re going to pick up a for either religious fanatic or whatever. They want prayer. They want God. People are dying. Oh, they’re dying. They’re dying to know Jesus. So when you when you say that to is not that that should be trite. And it should be that you do it every time and you always follow the needs of the Holy Spirit. But when it happens, and you see the most amazing responses to people. Wow. Are you amazed how fast people can turn from laughing to tears? Oh, absolutely. Because there’s there’s a hurt. That’s just just under the skin just right there. And any, any kind of act of kindness? First of all, we understand that the ultimate act of kindness was Jesus on the cross. And so if we can in our words and our actions show this I get to do that people people are so thankful. Can you do another episode with me? We’re out of town, twist my arm down. It might happen. I suspect that but but if you could come back and join us, because we’re just getting started. Amazing. I mean, this is what Share Your face looks like real life. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We’ll get you next time.


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