Episode 57

What Life is All About

How many people will be in Heaven because of our influence? That’s all that really matters. Barry Meguiar joins Author, Bill Wiese again to talk about the many reasons why sharing the Gospel is really what life is all about.

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Show Notes

When asked what he does for a living, Bill Wiese, Author of 23 Minutes in Hell, responds simply, “I teach the Bible.” Sharing the Gospel with others is a lot like how fishermen use chum. We must give people the opportunity to ask the questions they want answered about God and live our lives to seek and save the lost.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

Bill Wiese is the author of 23 Minutes in Hell. He is an accomplished speaker and has done over four hundred radio interviews in the Christian and mainstream markets. He is a successful Realtor with over forty years’ experience. He lives with his wife, Annette, in Southern California.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to ignite I’m doing what I’ve never done before I having a third session with my friend Bill easier ability you’re you have so many stories and you know you don’t know it but you just keep touching on points that we harbor on we heart but we we write in the book we talk about all the time and I’d have my stories but too great to hear your stories because we’re new friends. Yeah, yet We’re soulmates. That’s right that amazing entirely different lives, you know, lived gone different paths. But we’ve all come to the same conclusion that sharing our faith is what life is all about this nothing else matters. We do it all. You’re selling property this afternoon. We’re in business I sell car wax. I love my business but but when we get to heaven, it’s not gonna matter how many properties we sold, right or bottles or car wax we sold the only thing is going to matter is how many people are in heaven because of our influence because of because of your influence. And you’re influencing I am as well people every day. So we thought you’re here to hear some more stories with you. I mean, what else comes to mind that are just fun stories that help our our viewers understand how much fun it is they they get to agony and I don’t know how to do it tonight. I won’t know what to say we got all these excuses. And so sad. I don’t know if that’s a Satan honors or bad teaching or whatever they have. Most of those listening to us right now have no idea how much fun it is. If you ever heard evangelism class, and I don’t really like the term. Nobody likes evangelism. Have you ever heard of a face sharing class where, where everybody talks about how much fun is? And it is? It arrives? I’ll share one more airplane story if that’s okay. Okay. Well, I’ve got a ton of airline I know we were both travelers we travel so much I mind is on planes and selling homes, because that’s what I do. Yeah, yeah. But anyway, we were on a plane again recently. And the guy next to me was a High Tech Computer Guy work for one of the big, like Google or somebody. And I knew he was really smart. And I just felt like, be careful with this guy. So we got talking and asked him all about what he does. And he’s sharing with me about computers and all that. So it was a four hour flight. So we had plenty of time. So after a time, he finally asked me what I do. And I had a book in my hand I was reading and I said, Oh, I just I teach the Bible. And I love to tell people I teach the Bible. Yeah. Okay. And so because I do, and I went back to looking at my book, and he goes, Well, what do you teach? And I said, Oh, I teach who goes to heaven who goes to hell? Strong, but I left it. I just left. And I went back, you said, you were essentially this guy’s a high tech guy. You had to be careful with right because I knew that he had to draw it out. That’s how I felt. Okay, so acted like I was asking, he was asking you that you’re acting like I could care less. So I, like you’re bothering me almost. And I went back to my book, reading and he goes, it’s called chumming. Yeah, that’s right. You just throw a little chump, right? And then it changes and see if they want to know what’s the word show. Right, exactly. So we kept asking questions like that, and well, who does go to heaven? And who does go to hell? I said, Well, it’s not based on being good. And that’s what most people think. I just left that again. Yeah. Because the Bible says we’re fishing. You know, we’re fishing at time. So we exactly do exactly the same thing. Never pushes them twice. I’ve never viewed orchestrator where you build a relationship where there’s some trust going on. And you’re throughout the right chum, right for the right fish. And then love it. And watch him come up that chum line so beautiful thing. Now my wife next to me, she’s praying in the Spirit. Horse, even though I’m acting like I don’t care, yes, but for three hours very, this went on for three hours, and he drugged everything out of me. I didn’t want to push anything. But by the end, he will genuinely want to know so I share with him the way of salvation that you need to repent, Jesus unless a man repent, you shall all likewise perish. Jesus and Luke 13 Three, and I said Romans 10, nine and 10. If you confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart, that God’s raised her, then you shall be saved. So I shared those two verses, and then he is brought up well, isn’t there more than one way? And I said, don’t Well, Jesus said there was and he said, John 14, six and I gave that are assigned the way that no man comes on if either but by me. So anyway, by the end, I didn’t lead them to the Lord. But he generally was interested in a asked all the questions to share with him the Word of God, which the word never returns, boy, exactly. You’re exactly right, the Holy Spirit’s planning, but if you had these cards seeking God Quick word for an answer. If you’re carrying these cards, seeking God with you. I need a stack you didn’t know about them. I didn’t know. But if you give them this that takes them then it will take you from zero knowledge to the senators prayer. These are amazing faith sharing cards. And that’s a wonderful thing to have. That’s the table. It sounds like you’d like to know more. Yeah, I would like to know more. Well, if you’d like to award here’s a wonderful website tell you how much God loves you into everything you needed. Oh, my God, that’s, that’s a great tool. But, but up until just recently, we haven’t had these I’m just saying way but knowing full well, that God will bring other people into his life. We’re one of many people that God’s orchestrated, and now that it’s going to go pick up the steam. Right? away, he works. There. Alright. And just another story if I, you know, go for my minor again, like I said, and the real estate transactions. You know, I get invited over to list the property, say, and this man was one of them has one of the largest construction companies in California, very wealthy man, but I knew who he was. I knew he was very arrogant, condescending, and he was also an agnostic. Okay. Okay. So I sat down to list the home and he goes, Listen, I know what you’re one of those Christians, one of those Radical Christians. And he said, I think it’s all foolishness. That’s where I think and he goes, all religions are the same. There’s no difference. He started off that way. I didn’t ask him anything. Yeah, sure. And I said, well known that actually they’re not, they’re all different. And I said, because most of the world religions are based on philosophical thought, except for Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. But these four based on personalities, but only Christianity Crame claims resurrection for its founder, no other religious leader died for your sins I said, loved you enough to die for your sins, and then rose from the dead. That’s a big difference. So Christianity is different than all the other religions. And then he said, Well, then, you know, then God, if He made this hell that people talk about, then he’s actually mean, why would I want to serve that God? And I said, Oh, you mean the same God that died a horrible death for you to keep you out of hell? You mean? He’s mean. So that kind of threw him back a little bit like, yeah, I got well, he’s proved his love for you, because he died horrible death to keep you out of hell. But he gave you a free will to choose you believe him or not. And so it went on like this for about an hour. And he asked all these types of questions, you know, then he got to this point. I don’t know if we have time. But he said, Bill, why then? Okay, so your sin for 70 or 80 years, maybe 90 years, your real life? Why does that deserve an eternity of punishment? He asked that question. Yeah. So it’s good to have an answer for that question. And there is real quick, I said, Well, number one time is the wrong premise. If you spent 500 years in hell, and said, Look, I paid for my sin. That’d be the wrong premise, because that will be works. And we’re saved by grace, not there works. Ephesians 289 says, so that’s the wrong idea. But number two, your time is not valuable enough to pay for since only the shed blood of Jesus can pay for sense. And then I said, number three, you have to realize who we’ve sinned against. See God isn’t wholly omnipotent, perfect, Eternal God, we’ve sinned against him. So our sin does deserve eternal punishment. And I explain it, Thomas Aquinas explained this, he said that the higher the position, the one sinned against the greater the sin. In other words, if I lie to you would be wrong. But if I live the Supreme Court, it’d be worse because of their position, if also, but God is also infinitely greater in being. If I step on a bug and kill it, no big deal, even though it’s life. But if I kill a dog or cat, that’s worse, there’s there’s everything of some kind of punishment. But if I kill a human being, that’d be far worse deserving of a much greater punishment. Well, again, we sinned against a holy, omnipotent, perfect, eternal God. Therefore sin against Him is deserving of eternal punishment. How long have you been sharing your faith? Well, 53 years. Okay. Were you sharing that kind of a testimony? 53 years ago? No, no, I didn’t know that. My doctor. Yeah, well, exactly. So I think that’s, that’s wonderful. Let’s go back to our folks here who’ve never shared their folks. You don’t have to have that level of knowledge until you know, 53 years from now. It comes it comes. The more you are asked questions, the more you’re and you’re one of the great things about sharing your faith is if you don’t share your faith, you have no appetite for the Word and no appetite for praying and when you do it is because you feel like you have to not because you want to. But when you’re sharing your faith, you’re asked these questions. God gives you the answers he promises you and Luke protro I’ll give you the the Holy Spirit give you the answers the words to say, but the same time you’re hearing is it’s creating the thoughts in your mind. So you’re digging this is 53 years of digging, until finally it starts to make sense. Now you’re not reading out of out of obligation you’re reading as you want to know, you just want to know and then block and block upon block until after a period of time. You could rattle off stuff that I wouldn’t even know but, but it didn’t start there. And quite frankly, your ability to lead people to Jesus Christ doesn’t depend on that, because you’re doing it just eloquently back when you were first beginning, you know, just 32nd story this will get through the people, you know, mine, a lady came up to me at a book table and she said, Bill, I got saved reading your book just the other day. And I went to my neighbor the same day and witness to them, because I was so excited to tell them about Jesus. And she shared with the neighbor, the neighborhood saved, yes, well, the next day the neighbor was in a car accident and died. But my point is, she was only one day old and she went and witnessed and she led somewhere to the Christians, both most prolific faith sharing Christians or new Christians. It’s right it’s the enthusiasm. zeal, it’s the Z it’s called Z it’s called love for God and when you love God, you can’t help if you’re not sharing your faith you don’t love God I gotta tell you he’s not your first love you love God but he but there’s something else holding you back. Whatever your most loving, wondering what you’re most excited about, you’re going to share it just happens he says in Romans eight do those who love me and then he describes what that means there’s a Descriptor to it Romans 828 Look at it. I’ve got promise you he’ll make everything, everything your life work together for good if you do two things. If you love the two those who love me to those who live for my purpose, His purpose is seeking save the loss. We’re both living our lives to seek and save. And we live in this incredible promise. And we go on and on about that, right? It’s pretty amazing. We get it we could really go off and start talking about the promise of God making things work good. There’s nothing better than serving the Lord and Him being your employee you gotta get you got to get on and folks started following that nudge and you’re living the fog you live in the favor of God and organize your life. Amen. See you next time.

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