Episode 56

Just Be Real

We never know when we’ll be called upon to share what we know about God with someone who has questions.  Join Barry Meguiar as he talks with Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes in Hell about opportunities we have every day to introduce others to Jesus.

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Show Notes

Author and speaker, Bill Wiese shares examples of times when he felt called to share the Gospel. Sometimes people had questions, but other times the audience was less receptive…at first. We can’t beat people into Heaven, but we should always be willing to share what we can to help them understand how to get there.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

Bill Wiese is the author of 23 Minutes in Hell. He is an accomplished speaker and has done over four hundred radio interviews in the Christian and mainstream markets. He is a successful Realtor with over forty years’ experience. He lives with his wife, Annette, in Southern California.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to ignite. We’re here again with my, my great friend Bill Weiser, just as this prolific face share, and we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well, he wrote the book 23 minutes in hell, which sold over 2 million copies. You know, I mean, it’s just amazing. Your realtor, you’re on your way to go sell a property this afternoon. But you just happen to be in full time ministry. That’s right. That’s right. You know, all of us should be, you know, in a sense, yeah. Always watching for opportunities to share the gospel. Because, like you said, it’s so much fun and joy, you have millions of stories. So do you have do you have a particular favorite since you like to tell I just I can just sit listen to you all day long, if so many, you know, but like you said, just in our every day, you know, I was sitting at a doctor’s office. Okay. We all do that. Yeah. And this was a for nutrition for me. But anyway, waiting long time for the doctor, the guy next to me, we got talking. And anyway, he started saying, what do you do for a living and every time you’re in a waiting room, I don’t care where you are. It may be in the lounge of your plane, or maybe for the doctor’s office or whatever. But I pray for God to put people beside you and you can’t force it, you know? And maybe you just read the devil, God bless you and whatever. But then you have these bullets. Right? What we’re both sitting there, and you’re just waiting. So you naturally start up a conversation. And you know, what do you do for a living and so forth? And yeah, finally, I brought up to him, do you have a spiritual background? You know, that was just a more probing, probing that to say that he said, Oh, I was raised. You don’t always see that, folks. That’s not a lead. They would you always say you have a spiritual background. I am a fan. Most people say, Yeah, but you felt led to do that just felt led to do that. And he said, Well, I was raised Catholic, but I don’t really know much about this. And so he started asking questions. He’s asking me now the questions. And he says, I don’t know, do I have to be good to go to heaven. And I said, well, that comes after skin backwards. That’s kind of backwards, you’ll be good after you get saved, but good will not get you saved. It’s not based on being good. It’s based on relationship with Jesus Christ, we have to repent. And so anyway, I just started sharing with him the gospel in a just a caring way, not in a condescending way, or preaching or whatever do that just explaining and sound just I’ll share with you some information that will enable you to make an informed decision. This is all was and so he wanted the information. But he was drawing it out of me. So I didn’t push anything. But as he would ask a question, I would answer, and it just kept going that way for about an hour while we were waiting. This just give me a fresh they already want. Yeah, pushing right. It Up pushing this, this whole thing of apologetics a little problematic for me. Yeah, we should have that and be ready for that. But you can’t beat people into hell. I mean, if he can’t beat people into heaven, you just can’t force him into heaven. They have to want it. If they would argue with me, they go argue with somebody else. Bless you. God loves you anyway, even Malloy, but but you’ll find most of the time. They’ll they they’re interested, they’re searching 80% of Americans of the unchurched are searching. They’re wondering where guys are looking for somebody to tell them, then up pops a bill sitting beside them. They want to know, inquiring minds want to know. People are really fearful today. Yeah, there’s a lot of fears. And the only security in life is Jesus Christ. So they’re willing to listen or those fears and do it the right way. It’s a great motivator. Things are going well, today is a great thing. We have 80% of Americans now in fear, living in fear, that’s a good thing. Because they start thinking a lot more about God. When they’re living in fear. That’s true. wakes them up. You know, another quick, by the way, how saved, okay. Clancy house, and that’s the whole system. Important point, stop trying to get people saved. Just move as far as you can and bless them and let them go on. Maybe give them a seeking guide card. Right. But but but we’re just a deliverable. You know, there may be 30 people in that process before they find acceptable or we don’t know where we are. But don’t be frustrated. We don’t get them saved. Forget it. Just be joyful. You had this moment to move a little further. That’s right, closer to God. Yes, right. And our job isn’t to get them saved. It’s just to share with them the truth. Let them yeah, that’s an important point. Right. I love that. You know, Barry, just another story. Oh, yeah. I just listed a home and the elderly woman that had me list her homes. He said, Bill, I understand you’re a Christian. I’m an atheist. And she said, I don’t want to hear that Bible mentioned. Mentioned flat out and said just somehow, okay, well, normally I would respect her wishes. Of course, if somebody says I don’t want to hear it. You respect their wishes. But the Holy Spirit jumped in and said, Don’t let her off the hook. You tell her the way of salvation. Okay, Timeout, timeout. You have to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, folks. You just have to do that. Do Do it on your own. If when you’re doing your own, you’ll mess up, right? But when you feel the net, right, there are this rare. There are certain occasions where you just feel this is the time to be a little more productive. They’re there. They’re just read as a but you could you can get them there by being just a little bit more exacting. Gotta give you the temperature. That’s right. That’s right. Yeah. But I felt that real foods wrong to let her know. And she was probably in her late 80s. She didn’t look well, either. And so I said, now you need to hear and she was No, get out of my house, sell my house. She didn’t say so. If she had just signed the listing, and I said, No, you’re gonna listen, I’m going to share with you a way of salvation. And she goes, get out of my house. That’s pretty bold, you know? And I’m saying no, but I really buy houses sell my house, we get out. You can tear up the listing for all I care. Okay, but you’re gonna hear the way of salsa you had her respect? Yeah, because she was trust. You saw her how right? She knew that I was appreciated respect for you. But she just didn’t want to hear the news. She didn’t want to hear it wasn’t you? It was they didn’t see what I knew. I almost forced her to say, Listen, okay, this is unusual. But this is what the Lord told me. So I did share with her for 10 minutes. At the end, she said, Get out of my house and sell my property. So I left. I came back two hours later to show it and she was dead. Now Now you see why the law was prompting me to tell her so boldly. Because that’s God’s great love. He wants to get through to people, even at the last minute, she heard the gospel. So now she’s standing before God, she has no excuse. And I’m sure he shared with her throughout her life. You know, she’s heard the Gospel before. But that was just God’s great love showing, trying to get through to her. And his great mercy is after you left her and she had her moment alone, yes, she could have gotten and then she felt like she’s dying. She could have made that. Some people have a problem with that. But the fact of the matter is right at that last moment, you still have a chance. You don’t want to wait to this last moment. You don’t want that to happen. But it’s possible that you have that loves virgin say, I hear I hear your message. I accept you as my Lord and Savior Jesus heaven. That’s right. Could be right. We don’t know. We don’t know. But you gave her one. God gave her one last opportunity at the end of her life is negative. She was he was gracious enough to give her one more opportunity only because he had somebody like you there was listening and obedient and follow the edge. Right. And we’re aggressive when you normally would not be that aggressive. Right? Yeah, every every situation is different. Just share one last story. Yeah, for sure. I had another property that lady called me Lister. Well, that no, I’ll share another one because this one’s too long. Okay, give me a shorter, shorter one. There was a lady that worked against me and the neighborhood. You know, I farm a neighborhood and this other agent farmed against me, okay. It’s called farming. And she didn’t like me. She was also an atheist. And I sold most of the properties. So she was in a sense, jealous. Anyway, I heard her husband died. And she was elderly. So I went by knocked on her door one day and said, Look, if if you need anything, I’m here to help you. She was I don’t need you get out, get slammed the door, my face. So anyway, three weeks later, I went by to see her again. And I said, Look, I know I’m out. And I’m just out in the neighborhood. I just wanted to let you know, I’m here. She was I told you, I don’t need your help. So I left again. I waited about three weeks went by to see her this time. She says Well, I I’d have a heavy box in my trunk. Could you lift it out? So I said sure. So I left and I left. Okay, but that’s it. I didn’t share with her. I knew she was an atheist. She didn’t even like me in the first place. But anyway, so after that, the Lord kept prompting me to go by there. And I went by this one on every week for seven years. I went by what, seven years seven. And she now was getting used to me being there, you know? Yeah. But I never witnessed to her for seven years. I didn’t say a thing. At the end of seventh year. She says, Bill, why do you come by here all the time. I said, you know, you had a husband, and God wants to show you how much he loves you. And he’s just showing you through me. And so a tear came down her face. And she said, I want to get to know this Jesus that you know, I’ve watched you you sell you God blesses you, you lived it. And so anyway, so I ended up leading her to the Lord. Oh, you know, which Oh, she generally got saved. But again, that was different. See, I didn’t even share with her once. Yeah, but it was just showing the love of God. And the Bible says love never fade out of it, that it’s you just if you don’t follow God’s lead. I mean, it’s not about reciting the same thing to everybody every time you know, you know, go down the points and all that stuff. It’s so foolish because everybody’s different. Exactly. And some are highly resistant, and some are several and they’re just there waiting. We don’t know only God can give us the direction for that. You know, and Charles Spurgeon said that 90% of our witnesses to our life example. Show up on time for work, do we keep our work do we work with excellence? Are we quick to forget pure, every way possible? So they everything everything you see about Bill are selling me there’s something special about Bill I think I want to I want to know what Bill does Yeah, it’s just showing a godly godliness about your Basie your vase. Oh, great to hang out with you we have a million stories when we get together we share back and forth we got a few of you get the idea, folks, just be real. Just be real and love when people and listen follow the nudge, you’re just following them. That’s what you do. That’s right. Just just follow that nudge. He’s always nudging us. And don’t Don’t deny it. I don’t care what your time schedule was. Follow the nudge and you’ll live in the fog you’ll live in the favor of God. Wow man. God, thank you. See you next time.

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