Episode 54

Whom Shall You Serve?

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did not come to create unity and consensus. Barry Meguiar talks to us about our personal responsibility to not only know the Bible, but to share the Gospel. We have no excuse.

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It’s our responsibility to know the truth of God’s word. God has expectations for us, and He’s given us the Bible for our guide.  We have been tasked with the single purpose of living our lives for Jesus. And when we stand before God, He will hold us accountable.

Times have changed. Friendships and loyalties are no longer reliable guides. And it’s not just about listening to everything that comes from the pulpit anymore. No one else will be responsible for our choices. So, we need to decide as it says in Joshua 25. Will we follow what’s popular or will we do what God has called us to do?

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to ignite, I want to talk to you about taking personal responsibility before God well, what does God expect from you? Does he expect allegiance to your church, or to your country or to your pastor or to your friends? I mean, royalties are great, but but not at the cost of your soul. It used to be easy. I mean, now only 10% of churches still preach salvation. So there’s a different world, isn’t it? I used to go to church, and you just presume that everything being preached you was was scriptural and usually wise. And when you went out to eat and socialize with a Christian friends, you heard spiritual, we knew right and wrong. But now we only have 10% of our churches, preaching salvation, and in only 10% of Christians going to church. I mean, the numbers roll around my head is just like it only 1% share their faith. I mean, if you want to hang out with Christians, okay, if only 1% of Christians are sharing their faith, and that’s what God’s called us to do. There’s a disconnect between what we say, and how we how we live. friendships and loyalties are no longer the guide that we should use. We can’t We can’t do that. We have to take personal responsibility. You had to take personal responsibility for your soul and do everything you can to protect your soul. You You have a responsibility down, it’s a gift, you need to pray for discernment. You need to discern evil. I mean, always. And it’s so subtle. It’s so subtle, in the in the age of unity and consensus, and let’s bring this together and stop the chaos and we all love each other at all the seven all sounds so wonderful, but it’s not. There’s never been a more important time to be in the words. So that when somebody says something that’s not according to the Word, you know it and if you’re not in the Word, you don’t know it. You need to know the truth and the truth will set you free from the apostasy and all that garbage. apostasy is a big term now. I don’t understand it says people which turn from the truth and like they knew the truth. And then they turned from it. You probably know people like I do. But there are people out here now that that I had high regard for that I won’t listen to anymore, that they’re now the very things they were fighting against so patiently. They’re now promoting. How’s that possible? I know. The themes of the day, I mean, all sudden, a new thing comes in it rolls through American, it’s from our province, our pokemons promote them. They’re satanic. And Christians are talking about the middIe embracing them and walking their parades and shouting banners and doing everything again for things that are Satanic. They’re clearly satanic it’s, it’s the blind, leading the blind. It really is. It’s just really amazing. And this, this thirst, this, this desire to stop the chaos so find consensus find unity. I hear this from strong Christians, you know, Jesus didn’t come to bring consensus and, and unity. For that purpose. He came to say Thus saith the Lord God Almighty, that’s what he did. Yeah. If you veer from the truth, it’s that’s that time you it’s done anybody else? You can’t say well, but my back bypasser that’s what he said. I don’t care. My God any further sir. The loros life that was his counsel. That’s what you do. I don’t care. This is your responsibility. You have to take personal responsibility for your soul. You have to before God, you have accountability. Listen to me on this. This is not a time when you could just skate through anymore. You can’t do that. It’s not a time to just listen and hear something that tickles your ears. And yeah, I like that, you know, Barnet, is Qian said we have like 300 million bibra Go world views. That really means 300 million views of what the Bible says. You were so good at picking and choosing. I liked that word. I don’t like that. Well, that’s pretty good. I don’t know about that. It’s kind of smorgasbord of what God said, you pick out the ones that you like the best. That’s wrong. The scriptures are God’s word. And he’s telling us clearly, what do you want, and it’s so easy. It is so clear, lovely with your whole heart. And I would direct your steps, live from a purpose. Tell people about me and I will direct your steps, I will answer your prayers. I will. I will give you joy. It’s so simple. The whole bible points to that. And we’re just going along say, Well, I don’t know. When you’re going your own way, I often say this many times these podcasts when you’re going your own way. It’s like he says, ideally, I just let you flap in the wind until your arms get tired. And you will get tired. My point is, folks, you have no excuse. There are no excuses. All of us are gonna die. And also, you’re gonna stand before God, you’re gonna die. And we none of us are getting out of here alive, okay. All of us are gonna die. It all just gonna stand before God. And then the judgment. Not for what your pastor told you. Not for what your friends told you. But for the choices you made based on the Word of God. You have the Bible for your guide. Use it, read it, with a simple call to live your life for God for His purpose. And when you do that, you’ll make everything your life work together for God. It’s amazing. Serving God could not be easier. It can’t be easier. He’s made it so clear. You have no excuse. You will go before stand before God with no excuse. You can’t put a boss it’s you. I told you the way. It’s your choice. Joshua 25 says this so clearly Choose you this day. Who you are, sir. I don’t care about anybody else. I don’t care about me. Don’t pay attention to me. Don’t basically they are what I’m saying. I’m just the guy he tried to fumble through here. The last chapter my book ignite your life ends with the defining scriptures describing hell and heaven. Both are equally real and graphically described. If you only read that one chapter, I promise you, you will do everything possible to avoid going to hell. I promise you that. And you know what? That Oh nature life. See you next time.

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