Episode 53

When the trumpet sounds…

If you ask yourself what you’ll be found doing when the trumpet sounds, what answer would you be able to give? Barry Meguiar talks about how time is running out to get out there and ignite the world, one person at a time to bring them to Jesus.

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With nearly 80% of the unchurched believing we are in the last days we have to ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to share the Gospel. The world is coming unglued and still, only about 1% of Christians are sharing their faith. What can we do to ensure that more people find their way to Heaven when the trumpet sounds? We need to use the time we have left to tell our unsaved friends about the love of Jesus and do all we can to bring everybody, every day closer to Jesus.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to a good night. I hope you’re enjoying these podcasts. I mean, they’re simple words, I’m not I’m not profound. I’m not a theologian. One of the reasons I have fun sharing my faith is because I talk in simple terms everybody can understand. But they are profound, aren’t they? I mean, the points that we make are profound. They shouldn’t be shake, shaking your life. You say most of you would say, you know, yes, I trust the Lord my whole heart. So you could direct my steps, but 80% of you are living in fear. And if you’re living in fear, you’re not trusting God with your whole heart. So there’s a disconnect. Here’s my point, you know, our focus on igniting Christians are united America, one person at a time. I’m gonna say it again. Our focus here unite at Ignite is to ignite Christians to ignite America, one person at a time. And the hard part of that is the Christians are challenges igniting Christians. We don’t have to ignite the world, the world is, is coming unglued. Do you know that 40% of Americans now believe we’re in the last days, over 80% of the unchurched? No, the ruins coming apart are hoping there’s a God and are looking for somebody to tell them about him. Wow. But only 1% of Christians are sharing their faith. We’re the problem. Do you understand what being left behind means? Do you understand that? It seems we don’t. We we all sense that we’re getting to these last days. And yet we’re all going through life. And we’re surrounded by loved ones. And family members who are about to be left behind. I mean, it could happen at any moment. a twinkle in your eye could happen this afternoon. And right we walk right on and it never even enters our mind that we need to help them and keep them from being left behind. Because when you’re left behind, it’s not good folks. It’s not good. All hell is gonna break loose Antichrist comes and everything happens and it’s bad. I keep going back to the statement that Penn Jillette, the great entertainer, great guy, brilliant guy, and he had this guy come up to him after his performance one night, remember and, and share with him and give him a Bible. And here’s this guy, an avowed atheist saying, if you really believed I was going to hell, how much would you have to hate me to not tell me? We’re running out of time. Do you hear me? We’re running out of time? I don’t know if your pastor is talking about this anymore. We’re running out of time. I don’t know if it’s five years. I can’t imagine have been longer than that. I suspect it’s a whole lot closer to that. No man no of the hour, but we will know the signs of the times. Luke 21 toxic when these things begin to happen when they begin not after they’ve been going for a while and they’ve been going for a while already, folks. Were these things begin to happen. Look up and rejoice for your redemption draweth die. Wow. I don’t get into politics, but it’s hard to avoid what’s going on in the world and they are signs of the times it’s inevitable. We’re talking about one world government World Economic Forum who all the everything’s coming to that point, one world currency, the One World Church, it’s on our doorsteps right now. Do you know the One World Church already has his first church in Abu Dhabi. being hailed by all denominations? This is a place where we’d all come together with a gospel. It has nothing to do with the gospel. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund that the IRS have have all come together we are going to have a digital global digital currency that’s coming. It’s coming. It doesn’t matter when it is coming. Do you know the Pope? Did you see this last fall? Do you know the the Pope would toe mount aurat with a bunch of religious leaders and they created a new commandment. I knew 10 commandments that do commandments, the boat create a new 10 commandments based on the climate change at Mount Herrera that’s already done. Then you want to get an AI all the artificial intelligence that if it was going to happen in our lifetimes, it would be in the Bible. It’s not folks. If anything, shouts, the message, this explosion of knowledge it’s an AI. It’s all over the place that everybody agrees it is going like crazy. It’s good to control us. We’re at that moment in human history is so exciting to know we’re actually here. If I’ve offered that if I talked to God before he placed me here. And and he said, Okay, Barry, here’s Adam and Eve. And here’s, you know, Moses and David playing out to Sukkur a day. He said, you can be you go anywhere you want. There’s no question. I’d say, I wouldn’t be here, right here. Right now, at 80 years of age. I have this knowledge. I know who he is. I have the opportunity to represent him. Do you realize that God chose us? He chose you to represent him and these last days? Wow. And then in a twinkling of an eye, it’s gone. We’re with him forevermore? Wow. Again, it could be five years it could be today. We don’t know where it’s going to be. But it’s happening and No, no matter what, no, no matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter. If you’re a Christian, you’re running out of time to tell your unsaved friends, if you’re not a Christian, have you ever accepted Jesus Christ yet? You’re running out of time to do that before the rapture. Two critical days, I can’t emphasize it enough. That’s what drives me at 80 years of agents seven days a week as fast as I can. I can do everything I get to do to ignite our friends, Ignite Christians. They’re not going to get it from our churches. We have some great churches, but there are so few Do you know that less than 10% of our church preaching salvation anymore? The responsibility comes down to us you know Jesus Christ and living the Great Commission, living for God’s purpose and sharing our faith and moving everybody every day closer to Jesus. Wow. I’ll leave you to this one thought at your last moment on earth before that twinkling of an eye. What do you want to be found doing? I’ll ask you one more time at that last moment when it finally happens after all your life and all you’ve done after all world history and and the trumpet sounds you you’re there. What do you have to be found doing? Think about that. Some of you are doing anything, just living your life for your life. When it’s over in a nanosecond we’re like a flowered gone eternity is eternal storage and treasures in heaven the treasures are you wondering what it is? The only thing the only thing that’s gonna matter when you get to Heaven is how many other people are in heaven because of your influence. Now, nothing else matters. I love my business. I love I love my life. I love fine meals and cars and all the things we’re doing the people we meet the the fun we have. I love all that but it’s going away. It’s temporary. At your last moment on Earth, what do you want to be found doing? I tell you what I want. I want to be leading one last person into eternity. Thank you. See you next time.

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