Episode 52

Are you a Christian?

What does it look like to be a Christian in God’s eyes?  Barry Meguiar shares insights about how living for God means we have no fear.  So many in the world today are living in fear and failing to trust God. Can they still be called Christians?

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Only 6% of Americans hold a biblical worldview. If that number is accurate, we have to ask ourselves, “Is it possible to be a Christian without a biblical worldview?” Isn’t belief enough? Even the demons in hell believe in God. It should be obvious to those around you that you are a Christian, and if it isn’t, you need to ask yourself why.

Since the pandemic, many people who consider themselves to be Christians are living for the world or living in fear. When we have faith in God and we’re living for Him, there is no room for that kind of fear. So, how do we know if we’re doing the will of the Father?

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Okay, welcome back to the Unite. I want to deal with this subject of being a Christian and read their quest question being, are you a Christian? In God’s eyes? That’s a serious question for millions of people who call themselves quote unquote Christians. You know, only 6% of Americans have a biblical worldview. Now, did you get that only 6% of Americans hold a biblical worldview. Now, I’m not sure if you can not hold a biblical worldview and still be a Christian. So I don’t know where you are on that. I just just saying, I know the Scripture say, If you confess with your mouth and believe you will be saved, not of works, lest any should boast. And yet we’re saved for good works. So So what are you doing for God? I don’t mean to accusingly. But think about it for you. So that’s just a What am I doing for God? It’s not enough to believe it’s just not. James two nine says the demons in hell believe that Jesus had a God and they tremble. So where are you in this equation? That’s what I’ve asked you. During the pandemic, and since we’ve seen in millions of Christians who believe they’re Christians, but they’re living for the world, and then they’re afraid of the world. You know? If you’re a Christian people should know that you’re a Christian in 10 minutes, they should see your joy they should see your freedom, your excitement about what’s going on? Is that happening in your life? Here’s the problem. If you believe in Jesus, you live for him. Not really a problem. I guess it’s just a fact. When you believe in Jesus, you’ll live for Him. If Jesus is your Lord, you’ll live for Him. As Satan has overcome the world overwhelmingly, but for real Christians, we have no fear. I mean, literally, you can kill me to live as Christ and to die is gain. I often think if somebody’s getting ready to shoot me, what’s my reaction gonna be find find something to shoot him back or attack him or whatever. I don’t know. He’s a soul. I pray to get a lot of flack in this but everybody’s a soul. All the bad people that we call bad, they’re just lost. They’re not really bad people, they’re lost people. And quite frankly, if we didn’t have the light, we could be on their side of the equation. So when somebody is trying to kill me, I, I kind of think I gotta say, well, before you pull that boat before his you weigh a horn, this is Echo pointing to yourself, and do you do God loves you? The point is, when you’re living for God and His purpose, there’s no fear. There’s no fear. That’s part of the Christian experience. If you’re living in fear, you gotta question Are you really a Christian? It gets fear of selling God, I don’t trust you, God. It’s lack of faith. And of course, without faith, it’s impossible, please God. So I get to keep coming back to the same theme and it’s crazy. Most of you watching you right now on a good part of you are Christian. And by the way, you may not be a Christian and may not want to be a Christian because of how those Christians are living. Okay? Do you know we’re all sinners saved by grace? None of us are perfect. None of us are. We’re saved by grace through faith, not of works, lest any man should boast. So you’re not supposed to compare yourself to anybody else. Anyway, it really just has to do with your relationship with Jesus Christ. But if you are a Christian, you need to ask yourself again, are you a Christian in God’s eyes or are you just going through the motions? The statistics would suggest that there are millions of us who are going through the motions. Proverbs 1412 says there’s a way undermanned that that’s there’s a way that seems right undermanned. But then there is death. That’s that’s judgment. You don’t want to go there. Matthew seven there’s a scheduler he says to those who’ve been casting out demons and doing all kinds of things. He says, Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, will enter into the kingdom but but those who do My will. There are people in the church today doing things for their will and their and their good Seeing a lot of popularity for it. But if you listen to what they’re saying, you start to find that there’s a different story going on and it’s fleshly and they’re living for themselves and you don’t want to go there. So the question is, are you doing the or the father? Are you living for God? If so, I gotta tell you that will unite your life. See you next time.

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