Episode 50

God’s Call Is Not Just for Pastors

We’ve all been called to preach the Gospel in this world. Join Barry Meguiar as he talks with 23 Minutes in Hell author Bill Wiese about the opportunities we have every day to “follow the nudge” of the Holy Spirit and share with others about Jesus.



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Show Notes

We’ve all been called to preach the Gospel to the lost in this world — not just pastors or theologians. It’s a privilege and an honor God has given to those who believe, and we shouldn’t take it lightly! Join Barry as he talks with author and speaker Bill Wiese — whose 23 Minutes in Hell memoir has sold over 2 million copies to date — about the opportunities each of us has every day to “follow the nudge” of the Holy Spirit and share with others about Jesus.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

Bill Wiese is the author of 23 Minutes in Hell. He is an accomplished speaker and has done over four hundred radio interviews in the Christian and mainstream markets. He is a successful Realtor with over forty years’ experience. He lives with his wife, Annette, in Southern California.

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Episode Transcript

Hi everybody, welcome back to ignite. I have a special guest today, Bill Weir he said it’s a miracle we’ve got together my grandson remember Jordan heard you speak at dream city church and in Arizona and and he called me said you have to meet this guy. And so we did. And we’re almost neighbors. And also we had this wonderful lunch went on and we’re telling stories. I gotta I gotta get you on this show or talk a little bit because you we are we are kindred spirits. Are we not? We are in Burien I’m so honored to be with you and on your show. And it’s a miracle God had me meet you. Yeah, really? So you’re you’re working today you’re wearing a tie you’re gonna go show some property after right here in the state in between are both businessmen. We’re not We’re not quote unquote. Typical ministers. We’re not pastors. Right. We are ministers. That’s right. That’s right. We do the work of the Lord. But as but not as pastor. Yeah, yeah. What you wrote this book. Yeah, there’s one of experience, we can’t go into it. But you did write this book. 43 minutes into hell, and you didn’t want to write it. Right. But you had this amazing experience. And now how many books have been sold? almost 2 million to you know, various only because it’s to do with souls. It’s, it’s about winning souls. And that’s the purpose for us as Christians. Yeah. You know, God’s called us all as you not just pastors but all of us need to preach the gospel. And that’s why he’s promoted the boy a man a man a man. Well, he has done that as one who’s written a little book and, and just getting started, and I’m gonna get to bow. Mount Everest up there. Well, I’m a nobody. So for that to happen it you know, it’s gone. Well, you know, you’ve been sharing your faith, because you’re an extrovert. I’ve been sharing because, number one, I’m being obedient to what God told us to do, you know, and First Thessalonians, two, four says he’s entrusted us with the gospel. I mean, that’s a real privilege and an honor for us as Christians. We don’t shouldn’t take this so lightly. You know, and so many Christians don’t witness but that’s a privilege to share eternal words, the things that can change people’s eternal most correctly beginning because how did that happen for you? I mean, it doesn’t happen. Most Christians, like 99% of Christians, they don’t get that urge. They don’t want that motivation. What did it for you why, why are you You and I are both interesting stories. But I want to hear your story right now. Well, I’ve been a Christian for 53 years. And you know, I just got into the Word of God, I just saw that. I want to please God. And one of the things he instructed us to do was to go and share the gospel with all the world. So it became a passion for me. So you just did it, because the Bible told you to do you wanted it? You said, Well, this was supposed to do right, but is right, the obedient. You know, Barry, I saw that. And you pointed this out in your book about, you know, all of us want joy in our life. And I saw the joy that came from witnessing, from sharing the truth with people. It was like a joy. It was overwhelming bubbling. And I thought, I want more of this. So I said, Lord, I want opportunities every day. And he said, Well, like you said in the book. We’re in front of people every day, we have the opportunity every day with everybody, we are surrounded by people who are lost, and you see people’s lives change. You don’t have to go home and wonder if the needs Jesus. They all right, and Jesus said, many are going to hell and few are going to have, you know, Matthew seven. So we all need to preach the gospel. If you have this joy. It’s now I don’t want to belabor that. But say that one more time, it’s not a burden, but it’s a deadline. The bulk of people are going in the right direction, right? Matthew seven, Jesus said, many are going to hell, and few are going to heaven. And and, again, not to belabor it, but that’s where they’re gonna go unless somebody does something. They’re not going to church, right? How are you going to know unless somebody tells them right? And nobody is telling you only 1% of Christians are telling you about Jesus. God loves you. Only 1% of us are doing that. They’re lost. They have an excuse for doing all the stuff they’re doing. We have no excuse. And like you said, there’s opportunity every day. I just share a story of just I just got off the phone now there’s a novel idea you know, we just a couple weeks ago got off a plane like an I get to share a lot on the plane, right? Because you have a copy of do the same thing. And so my wife and I were sitting in the to have a cap the first versus Well, there was nobody aside me on the ILC. So they closed the door. And then this lady on the other opposite aisle seat, gets up out of her seat and changes it sits down and she said I don’t know why I’m doing this. But I just felt like I’m supposed to sit here. What I knew why I already knew why. And so we got talking via an appointment. Right? And I know I saw you start have small talk with people, you know, what do you do for a living? And where are you going and, and so forth. So after she talked for a while you develop a relationship. Exactly. You have to you have to do that. Listen to you unless they have a relationship where they have some trusted right. And so after what’s called a scorned, loving on people. Yeah, that’s right. Being really just about what it is not a it’s not a recipe is not reciting. It’s not a script. And it’s not even trying to get him saved. He’s just trying to love. Right, right. Yeah. So after a while, she asked me, What do I do? It’s vital, right? I teach the Bible. And she goes, Oh, what do you teach? And I said, Well, who goes to heaven? And who goes to hell? That’s a good start. I just left it. And she goes, Well, who? What do you mean, you just left it? I just stopped and then we talked about something else. And because sometimes you’re pushing, you don’t just keep hammering, right? You let them come in? What more right exactly what their appetite? Yeah. And then you leave it alone and change the subject. Let them bring it back. Exactly. Let them bring it back. So they’re essentially weed beating people up. You gotta gotta get their attention. That’s the wrong way to do it. We can’t beat people into heaven. I guess. Not that exactly. So we chill. I call it shoving we throw a little chump. Yeah. And then forget about it. Right? Don’t miss it anymore, then they’ll come back. Well, what about soldiers? Oh, you do that? And you leave it alone, right? And if they’re hungry, they’ll keep coming back online. So she said, Well, who does go to heaven? And who does go to hell? And I just said, Well, it’s there’s a lot of misconception, and it has nothing to do with being good. And I just left it. Yeah. So then again, wanted to know more. Anyway, long story short, I shared with her the gospel. She didn’t get saved then. But I said, Look, I’m going to your town. That’s what we’re both lying to. I’m speaking at a church tomorrow. Why don’t you come? And she goes, maybe I will. So she actually came and she brought three of her friends. Oh, my goodness, oh, my God, this just happened. And they often say shut, I told them, they could sit in the front seat, which the pastor allowed. Anyway, so long story short, they all four of them went forward and God say, now the here’s the point they’ll bury. The Lord knew that I would take the effort to talk to her. Yeah, that’s why he moved her. Yeah, he wouldn’t have moved her if he knew I was complacent. I didn’t really care. He does direct their steps and our steps, right. These are divine appointments in the supernatural. He’s working on both sides. Yeah. I wonder how many times I miss that. I know, we all have to be sensitized, orchestrates that. And then I walk right by the opportunity. I wasn’t listening and wasn’t paying attention. And I think I’m excited because obey. Like I said that all of a very just blew me off. You know how many times even now? I do that, right? I know. But when we do, yes. Right. I just recently wrote another story. If I can rephrase come, you know, I was, I used to serve on the board at a homeowner’s association. And for five years, I served on this board, and this man that was on the board was an atheist. He was arrogant mean, nobody liked him. But I liked him. He was smart. And he really helped us out to keep us out of trouble. He knew all the CCN RS bylaws, Sterling Davis act and all these different things he knew and I so I thanked him all the time. Bill, I thank you for being on the board with I knew you’re smart. And I really value you being on the board. But I never witnessed him for five years. Well, I just found out he was in a hospital. I didn’t know it was wrong. It wasn’t a friend. But I just knew, and I was busy with doing some real estate. And I just felt like the Lord said, go right now go to hospital. You laid the groundwork before. Yeah. So I left. I went to the hospital. And I walked in his room and he was hooked up the tubes. He looked awful. He was 70 pounds. And, you know, he says he barely could whisper and he says, Bill, I was slipping out of my body. Last night I was dying. And he said I was going down a long, dark tunnel. And it was getting hotter, and hotter. And he said I was terrified. I don’t want to go to that place. What do I do to stay out of place? And I said, Bill, look, you were heading to hell, you had a right to be terrified. But you can you don’t have to go to hell. But you do need to repent. And that means you have to be sorry for your sins and ask God to forgive you. So he didn’t call you? No, no, he, God put him on your heart. Right. You heard the news. And you went, I just went right after you had that experience in the timing. Right? What does that do for your faith? Wow. Oh, man, it makes you encouraged us to keep going and paying attention to the Holy Spirit. And what had you not been sensitive? What have you not follow the nudge? Well, here’s the thing, Barry, you know, I would let them do Lord and he genuinely got saved tears of joy and everything. So I held his hand and talk to him for another hour. I left. Two hours later he was dead. What if you not follow that? I mean, hell no. Right? Because of you Because you follow the nudge. I’m so honored that nudge reheats you know, you should do that. What is it? Well, maybe tomorrow. You know what, ZICO 33 eight says if we fail to speak to Warren, the senator from his way, his blood what is required? Exactly. That’s why Paul said I’m free from the blood of your sponsor. If I have the opportunity, I’m going I made those mistakes early on. I try not to make them I try not to make them Not 100%. But I pretty well run to people that are hurting. And so the point was we have to be sensitive to Holy Spirit and obey Him when He tells us to go. Yeah. Because God is gonna hold us accountable if we don’t boy, when we get to heaven. But But imagine meeting Him in heaven. Can you imagine the excitement of meeting him in heaven? Because you came by that last bit, I’m in heaven, because a you and he had no friends, no friends, no family other than one brother, who was also an atheist. So he would have most likely there will be another one right quick dive in your phone, the story or something happened recently. I was just on a plane again, another couple weeks ago, and there was a lady next to me and we got talking. Turns out she was a nurse and she was going to the LA nursing conference. And so I ended up sharing with her a little bit about the fires of hell, I don’t know why that came up. But you know, we talked about hell, and everything I saw how does one get on the hill with somebody? Somehow it came up, but this was after about three hours. Okay. Okay, longtime of developing. Then I told her about know that there’s really is because she said it’s metaphorical. And I said, No, it’s real literal fire in hell. I’m telling Jesus warned about how in 17 verses you don’t talk about the fires hell anyway. So I told her that I’ve written a book, and I never shared that with people. But I did with her. I said, I wrote a book, 23 minutes in hell, that I didn’t tell her what it was about. I just left it. Okay. Now, this is a true story. She went to the conference. And she said, she wrote us two days later, and she says, Bill, at the conferences, nurses, they always have a stethoscope or a medical thing up on the screen, the big screen with all of us listening. This time they had the fires of hell burning on the screen. She said that made me think what you just told her. I just told her that she gets there at the fire at a medical play. So she went and bought our book, read it and she wrote us and said I just got saved. Oh my god. We have so many stories. Can you can you come back? Absolutely. We have another version of that. Leon. Okay, we’re gonna have to peel back on another edition of our podcasts. Okay, thanks for joining. I hope you enjoy this. Come back and see us next time real soon.


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