Episode 49

The Faith Mandate

Is fear holding you back from sharing your faith? From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible proclaims that believers must always share the good news. It’s what God expects us to do. But the number obstacle isn’t what you think. Listen to find out.

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Show Notes

Proverbs 3:5 says that we should trust in the Lord with all our hearts and that we should not lean on our own understanding. Yet, 80 percent of Christians are living in fear. They are forgetting to place their faith in God and not in what they are seeing in the world around them.  To live with joy, you need love the Lord with all your heart and to love yourself. When you do that, you will destroy fear effortlessly and you’ll be able to reach everybody every day to move them closer to Jesus!

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Episode Transcript

Hi, everybody, welcome back to ignite, I want to talk to you very seriously right now without a lot of fluff. I just want to drill down to why is it that God mandates that you share your faith? Why? Why is he making it so important? Why is it from for Genesis to Revelation is talking about proclaim the good news? Everywhere you look is this which is supposed to do, why, why, why? Why is that important? But it’s important, because that’s how we reached the loss. And of course it is. But do you know that secondarily to his real reason for having you share your faith? I mean, do you love yourself, if you love yourself, you should be sharing your faith if you if you want to have joy, if you want to know God speaking to your heart, if you want to know all these things, God is doing everything that you want God to do for you do you know it’s all tied up in the sharing of your faith? You understand that? I’ve never heard this preach. But I can tell you after 50 years of doing it, 50 years this year, I will care and I’ve been doing it every day for 50 years, we find that the reason we have joy, the reason we have unshakable faith, the reason that we know God’s answering our prayers, is because we came to this simple truth 50 years ago, that God’s purpose for us is to share our faith. That’s why it’s the Great Commission. Okay. Let me ask you a question. Do you live your life according to Proverbs three, five. Now in case you don’t know what that is, as the Word says, Trust the Lord with your whole heart. Don’t depend on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path. So do you live your life according to that? I asked that question a lot. I’m out. And I find almost everybody raising their hands of cards. Yeah, we believe that. But the statistics tell us that over 80% of Christians are living in fear. That’s like, 80% of you listening to me right now. Tell you all things are going wrong. I mean, I don’t care where you are. And if with your own family, with your own health, with your own job, or your own community with your own church, not to mention what’s going on in Washington, DC and around the world and World Economic Forum. I mean, there’s a lot to be afraid of, if you allow yourself to be over 80% of Christians living in fear. So obviously, that means over 80% of the Christians are not trusting the lower their whole heart. If you’re not trusting lower your whole heart, all kinds of things fall apart. Do you know in James one, one that James was such a great book, it’s the one book I’ve actually memorized. And I did that for two years ago, I guess I love the scriptures of this wonderful book. But in our very first chapter, you know, he says, Ask whatever you want, but don’t ask with wavering. If you’re praying, and, and, and fearing. At the same time, if you’re, if you’re if you’re praying and faith and and wavering and having lack of faith and not really sure if God is going to answer your prayers, He says that you’re unstable in all of your ways. And he actually says don’t expect me to answer your prayers. So this, this, honoring God with your whole heart, having a wholehearted faith is really important. Okay. So I gotta need jerk back to I’m sorry, folks, Romans 828 where he says, and this is God saying it and he’s saying it to each one of you. He say I will make everything everything in your life for now until you get to heaven. For now until you do, I will make everything in your life work together for good if you do two things if you love Me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, everything within you, you use love God. If you really love God, a lot of years, I didn’t love God. I said to God, I didn’t know what to do with your Christian. I love you, Lord. But I didn’t. He wasn’t what I talked about. He wasn’t what I live for. I was on my way to heaven, but I wasn’t loving him with my whole heart. He’s saying love Him with your whole heart. And whatever you love with your heart you’re going to tell people about so back to that load of church at Ephesus, he says, when you’ve left your first love, I’m no longer your first love. And then if I’m no longer first time you’re no longer doing the first work you’re no longer telling people about helped me. There’s a mirror image of that. So now he’s saying the whole thing with a huge promise. He says, If you love me to those who love me, I love the King James best in this particular scripture, I will make everything your life were together for good to those who love me, to those who live for my purpose. It’s always his purpose to seek of say, the lost. It’s so simple. And that destroys fear when you live in the promise of Romans 820. I think it’s the second most important scripture and after John 316, he’s destroys fear. Fear is gone. You destroy fear with effortless faith when you live for His purpose. When you live to seek and say the loss would you live to move everybody every day, closer to Jesus? Would you do that? God defeats fear with effortless faith you have that and when you do that, guess what? God directs your steps. Proverbs three, five, that’s where you have wholehearted faith. And when you have wholehearted faith, you can trust them over with your whole heart and faith and acknowledge Him and He will direct your sense you want to have God direct in your steps? Of course you do. You need to have hard fade, how do you get to wholehearted faith, you live for His purpose. The whole entirety of our Christian life is living for God’s purpose. That’s your purpose, His purpose. And then in James one, he says, when you ask and fade out, give it to you ask whatever you will, I’ll give it to you. But ask with wholehearted faith, unwavering faith. That’s what God is saying to you right now. That’s what I’m saying to you right now. Wow. And then there’s an added voters, John 1511. He says, I love this. It’s that last parable, where he said, if he if you’re obviously we’re the branches, he’s the tree. If he didn’t follow through us, we’re just dry brush to be thrown away into the fire. But when he when he flows through us and we bear fruit, he says, My job remain with you and your joy will remain full Wow. When you experience God speaking through you, every time he does that, he’s speaking it brings you alive. You know, God is speaking to you and using you and loving you and answering your prayers and directing your steps and giving you joy every day. And that will ignite your life. I gotta tell you last scripture, Isaiah 4310. He says, I put to use my witnesses, the ones get you out of all of the scourge. This one actually says why. Okay, why are we doing all this is secondary to when the loss is primarily to when you Isaiah 4310 He says, I appoint you as my witness so that you will believe so you that you will know and understand that I am God. He didn’t say so as you understand more ready to read saying is you’re not going to really know me until you do this. You already know God. You want to have faith that is invincible. You have faith that defeats fear. You ought to have God direct to your steps. You want to know God’s answer your prayers, you wanna you want to know that God has given you joy every day. Then move everybody every day closer to Jesus, hallelujah. That’s the message of our ministry. And overnight your life. See you next time.

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