Episode 34

Do It God’s Way

Life is so much easier when you do it God’s way! It’s called faith! Without faith, it’s impossible to please God because without faith you worry and when you worry –  you’re telling God, “I don’t trust you.”

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Life is so much easier when you do it God’s way! It’s called faith! Without faith, it’s impossible to please God because without faith you worry and when you worry –  you’re telling God, “I don’t trust you.” In stark contrast, trusting God obliterates worry and your faith allows God to take you above and beyond anything you could ever ask for or imagine. But how do you get there?

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to ignite, I want to talk about the term it’s so easy. And what I mean by that. Life is so easy when we do it God’s way. Why don’t we do that? I in my own life, I’ve served God all my life. I grew up in church Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday nights. I know the word. My i these podcasts, I talked about how to do it, right. I don’t talk about all the times I did it wrong. I’ve had, you know, six years of adult life of doing both, I did wrong a lot. Boy, how many times did I get myself in a mess? And Karen would say to me, did you pray about that? Oh, I hate it. I would hate it when she said that. It didn’t happen anymore. Because I pray well pray about everything. But it’s so easy to take matters into our own hands. And it just it really, it’s crazy. We know. We quote. We sing about scriptures. We say we believe them. Trust the Lord your whole heart. I talk to your original time. Oh, I trust the Lord. My whole heart. Oh, yeah. Really? That’s interesting. The statistics tell us that 73% of all Christians are in fear. Okay, about something. They’re living in fear. Folks. If you’re living in fear, you’re not living in faith. can think about it yourself? Are you worrying about anything? Is something bothering you? When you pray, do you pray and then release it and know it’s done? Or do you pray and then keep on worrying about it. Get to know personally. That’s what most Christians are doing. So I suspect some of you, in fact, you may be doing that very thing. You notice there’s this portion of James chapter one says, you know, you can ask for whatever you want. I want to bless you, I want to bless you but but do it without wavering if you’re waver, you’re like a wave of the sea driven by the wind and toss, you’re you’re double minded and a double minded man is unstable in all those ways. And then he goes on to say, Let not that person expect to receive anything from me. So if you are praying a lot, I’ve been there, done that I did that a lot. So I know how to pray and worry, I got really good to pray. I got stories. I gotta go there right now. The fact of the matter is if you’re if you’re praying and worrying and wondering why God isn’t answering your prayers. Now, you know why I mean, he makes it real clear. Jesus actually said, unless you have faith as a little child, okay? Children that be very smart or they believe I mean, little child, not pick. It changes. But you know, the the two year old if you’re the dad or the mom, you say we’re going to do so so we’re gonna go there today. They just accepted Okay, we’re gonna go there. They’re not asking how we’re going to get there. Is there going to be traffic? Are we leaving on time there enough gas in the gas tank? I mean, it’s just, we’re gonna go okay, we’re gonna go. That’s how God wants us to live our lives. I mean, it’s how God wants us to live our life with childlike faith. So we just trust you know, when we live for His purpose, even in the even the bad stuff works for good and we live for His purpose. That’s the point of all this, isn’t it to understand that it is a partnership, all of life is a partnership, living for his purposes, repeated throughout the Bible of how we are to do that. It it’s so simple. When you let him work out all the details and he will every time they just work out. After six years of doing this and all the times we’ve done it wrong care and I have now come to the point where we just we literally don’t worry about anything and things go wrong in our lives on a continual basis. And we know that we don’t even want to pray how shall I say this? We stopped I think we do pray for say for for the most part, the big things in life we stopped praying for them the big problems our lives we stopped praying for them because we we found out God’s ways are higher than our ways and would when you trust him And it just keeps getting more comprehensive, more saturate you folks, you get to the point where Gary Moore says, life is so easy. I’m not saying we don’t have problems, we go into challenges. But life is so easy when you just stop worrying. Worrying is overrated. Worrying gets you nowhere. And worrying is saying to God, I don’t trust you, God, I gotta work on myself. I gotta figure it out. Every time you were, you’re saying to God, I don’t trust you, God. He’s got it all worked out. Our perspective is like this. His perspective is like this, you keep your eyes on God. And he takes you places you can’t begin to imagine. It’s just, he never. He never fails. I’ve been through lots of problems. And if you’ve been listening to me very long, you know what some of those problems are. But I’ve been there and done that. It’s not academic for me. And I can tell you where the rubber meets the road. Is this term, let go and let God that’s a kind of a trade term. I’ve heard that for about two years. Do you know how powerful that is? If you’re in struggles right now, and you there’s no way out, there’s a way out. Here’s a way you can’t begin to imagine. And so we’ve gotten to where we don’t we don’t ask we ask we thank God in advance. God, I this is a big problem. And we don’t see any way out but you do. And so we’re going to thank you now for for how you’re going to get us out of there. And oftentimes in a different way than we ever expected. I’ve told this story before but it probably fits right now is a David Wilkerson the author of the cross a switchblade the founder of Teen Challenge you can you can you can actually Google it or go on YouTube right now David Wilkerson right song writes wrong side right song wrong sided talked about the, without going into all the details with children of Israel. They’re finally getting free of Pharaoh and they’re, they’re all happy and you read the scriptures until they get down to the water right? And then all sudden, they’re not happy at all. doing to Moses, and all we could have died back in comfort. No, no, you’re gonna have us die out here. The desert. I mean, they’re just on the course the rod and the water breaks and the dry land and the miracle. It’s unbelievable. They get the other side of the water comes back. And what do they do they build an altar, and they sing. They rejoice. Thank you, God. Thank you guys. And David says, Great song. Wrong side should have been praying on the other side before the before the rod went in the water. Okay. That’s what it should have been. No worries. I’ll be rushed to surgery. I was dying. Okay. There Russia be I’m undergird. I’ve told this story before but it fits. And I’m watching the can lights go back and going down that hallway. And they’re running. It’s emergency surgery. And my daughter Nicole was right, running beside me as hard as she could. And she was yelling, guess what? She was yelling. She was yelling, dad, keep the faith. Dad, I’m praying for you. Dad’s gonna be okay. She didn’t say that. You know what she said? She’s Dad, this is your testimony. This is your testimony. And then it hit me. Yes, this is my testimony. I know I’m fine. I have no fears. I gotta be this is gonna be I know if I’m before boom, I go through those doors. And for the last 12 years, I’ve been able to give my testimony that I’d say the right song on the right side. And that’s what I’m really saying to you today as fear is overrated, worries overrated. There’s no room for that. You know, 365 times the Bible 365 times in the Bible GOD says fear not okay. Fear not. Fear is the opposite of everything we believe in without faith, it’s impossible to please God hear me on this. And the way we know it is to do our part of the puzzle our part of the equation. Love God with our whole heart just love him with a heart nothing separating us God I love you with everything. You know my heart I love you. There’s nothing separated me. And when we do that, we automatically do this to the first work we automatically love our neighbors. As I said, we automatically are enthralled with God and so excited by God it bubbles out of us and we can’t help but lead everybody around us closer to God. That’s the answer. It’s so simple. Get the message. See you next time.

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