Episode 33

People Don’t Get Mad When You Say This

No matter where people are in their lives or what their struggles are, no one gets mad at you for telling them God loves them! They may not agree, and some may even argue, but never out of anger. It’s more bewilderment!

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No matter where people are in their lives or what their struggles are, no one gets mad at you for telling them God loves them! They may not agree, and some may even argue, but never out of anger. It’s more bewilderment! After all they’ve done in their lives to upset God, it’s all but impossible for them to believe God loves them. And you get to tell them!

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Okay, welcome back to ignite I want to talk about God’s love is really salvation owing us the last few days, I mean, think about God’s love. Amazing. It is. I was I was looking on TV last week and I had a satellite view of Earth, okay. And it hit me that I could see continents on the planet. But I couldn’t see me. I couldn’t see people, right, I couldn’t see my blog. And that’s from just, you know, a few 1000 miles above, you know, let’s take it beyond that. When we look in the sky, and we can see Jupiter or Mars on a good night, on a clear night, we can sort of see something but to think that to think of seeing a person there, think of how, how insane This is God, Okay, God, God’s 50 million lay. He’s, he’s everywhere. But our telescopes go to like 50 million light years or whatever. I mean, it’s hard to even even comprehend that God’s made all of that God is everywhere, you know? And as he looks at Earth, I mean, being one speck out of the universe, and then we’re one speck on the earth, and yet he loves us. Can you imagine the great I mean, how do we fathom the greatness of God, the large nests of God and yet He created us, you know, I created as he said, his son to become one of us and suffer and be reached suffer the agony of the cross for us that we could have eternal life with Him that He could he could justify the fact that we could come into His presence as a holy God that can’t tolerate Senatobia righteousness. I mean, it’s unbelievable. Why does he do that? It’s me that he’s doing that the sum total of His love is is salvation. His salvation Yes, you can get away from it. Everything he does his love is all encompassing itself vacationing us I’ve talked to a lot of academics and theologians and everything was that loud it’s a crazy word but yeah, that’s exactly what he’s doing. It is everything God does for us he says vacationing as his whole goal everything is planned everything is to bring us to Him for eternity. So it goes beyond that. Because we’re told to love our neighbors as ourselves right? Well, if we love our neighbors as ourselves, we’re as concerned for their salvation as we are our own. So do you realize that everything we repeat there’s a lot but it bears repeating Do you realize that everything you say and do is moving everybody wants you closer or further away from him It’s so easy to be lacks on that and move people away from God when we don’t even know we’re doing it. I’ll go into detail on that but just you figure it out for yourself there are times where you are you’re laughing at the wrong thing you’re looking at the wrong thing you’re talking about the wrong thing you’re you’re expressing anger about something there’s a million ways to do as a that’s a Christian I don’t think I want to be a Christian when we love our neighbors that are self worth, the four day visit is a moving everybody everyday closer to Jesus. And so really, when we love on people, he’s just saying love on your neighbor like when they’re sick, go take him a bowl of soup. That’s not what he’s talking about. And it’s not just our neighbor. Here it’s it’s our household. It’s everybody. Everybody that we we interact with, we’re to love them as ourselves or we’re as to be as concerned for their salvation. As we are own and and in that respect, okay? When we speak to them, when we interact with them, we our salvation, meaning that if we love them, we’re salvation in them more, more specifically, God is salvation seeing them through us. How’s that for a thought? That changes every conversation that changes everything you do you realize, at the gas station or the waiting room or in line at Starbucks or wherever you go, you’re surrounded by the loss and God wants to salvation on mo through us. That’s the privilege we have is that not just amazing? Wow. I remember back when I, when I first started sharing my faith. Oh, but I made so and so thank you God for being patient with me. I have ever watched a while I would find somebody that was interested. And I’d get really excited, man, I’m really landed on me. And, and I feel like it’s all on me. And I, I actually, there were times when I was over, it didn’t go well, I would say to God, where are you? Guys? I need your help over here. God, where were you? Then I read this book a few years back about 20 years back for Dr. Jerry root. He said we didn’t build a great organization. Oh, called the sacrament of evangelism. Wow. I a little controversial and calling it a sacrament. I think in the Catholic world. They’ve asked What do you mean by that, but when he explains it, you can’t get away from it. And very clearly explains it. God is sovereignly working with every single one of this one of us. I don’t care if it’s the drunk falling out struggling on the bar, getting in a fight. I don’t care if it’s the the driver of a truck that’s got a bunch of girls in the back being traffic’s I don’t care if somebody just broke in and killed your daughter Do you know God loves us all the same? He loves us all the same. He didn’t. He didn’t love me more than them. And the fact that matter is, I never had a chance to be one of them. Because I was brought up in a Christian home. I’ve told this before, but when all the riots were going on, there was a young man standing on top of Bernie police card, just so proud of what he was doing. I turned to care. And I said, you know, that could be me. I was raised and programmed like that young man, I can be doing the very same thing. The world is a loss. Okay, I’ve had a great life. But we’re all obligated, this perpetual debt of love to love people, even the worst of those, even those that are bringing us harm. I gave you so many stories about how that works. But to know that even when they don’t respond, they can’t get away from what you said. They may reject you and not want to hear it but they can’t get away for the fact that when you tell him and you don’t condemn them, you say Nevertheless, you know God loves you. Do you know God loves you as much as ever loved anyone? Do you know God wants to spend what you spend eternity with Him? When you say things like that? It’s hard for them to get mad at you folks. I’m sorry. They don’t get mad when you say that. They’ll argue and say no, no, you can’t love me. I’ve done too much. No, you can’t get beyond the love of God. sharing the love of God is allowing God to salvation people through you. And when you had that experience, imagine we had that privilege. It is awesome. is a privilege to know God to be safe and secure no matter what happens. And with that comes as huge responsibility. Does salvation everybody around us It’s too, too incredibly we comprehend that God uses us to redeem people to reach people to move them closer to him so they can see Him as Lord and Savior. Wow. Do you get the picture? If you’re not doing this, folks? You know, I don’t I’m not trade I don’t know anything i That’s for somebody else to do to know. You’re missing out and what it means to be a Christian. You’re missing out on having intimate, an intimate relationship with God. You’re missing out on allowing God to salvation people through everything you say, into place. Don’t miss it. I don’t know how much time we have left. But we’re running out of time. And you and I both have a whole lot of folks. We know that talent count all the folks we interact with every day that we don’t know that we lost unless we tell them. That’s our responsibility. That’s your responsibility. See you next time.

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