Episode 32

We’ve Stopped Sharing Our Faith

We’re the only hope for 80% of our population who are unchurched nonbelievers. With only 1% of Christians sharing their faith, how are they going to know God loves them unless we (you) tell them?

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We’re the only hope for 80% of our population who are unchurched nonbelievers. With only 1% of Christians sharing their faith, how are they going to know God loves them unless we (you) tell them?

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to ignite, I want to talk to you about evangelism is not a program that so many events is appropriate to the years. And I want to come back for a second say thank God for them, because I would dare say millions of people have been saved because of evangelism programs are not all bad. I mean, they have worked for a lot of people. But I’d like to give you a little fresh perspective. And the reality of the fact that 90% of the United States are unsaved. All right, 80%, of the unsaved 80%. The unsaved are are wanting to be I mean, they’re the statistics are clear that they they know the world is out of control. They’re looking, they’re looking for God that they’re looking for somebody to tell them about God. I mean, the fields are white for harvest, but the laborers are few of the scriptures have come alive, they’re right in our face. 80% of those around us are looking for God, but only 1% of us are telling them. It is exactly that scripture, how are they going to know if somebody tells them we’re not telling them? But who’s going to tell us they’re being sent? Nobody’s sending us church? I mean, when’s the last time you heard your pastor say, my job, according to Ephesians 4:11 is just to equip the saints for ministry to send you what do you hear that last, you’re not hearing that nobody’s sending you? So we have this ministry, or our attempt is to send you or, you know, to bring it to your attention. It is the Great Commission is the most important thing, in our whole lives to do after accepting Jesus Christ in our own lord and savior, we’re obligated to do that. But why is it that most of us aren’t sharing our faith is because we’re so caught up in programs. And programs can be deadly. And they make it hard. It’s like, Oh, I gotta, I gotta follow all these points. And, you know, like, I gotta, I gotta memorize by memorize my life story. Every time I get a chance to tell my life story. Oh, I have hundreds of life stories, which life story do you want? And if I just pick one is that going to relate to anything that’s going on? We just had Dan on a podcast and talking about he just lost his daughter that was not the time to go down and reach and go tell my story or go through a series of points that he was salvation. He needed help. He needed help, right? He was already a Christian, we need help to get it back to where he is on the on the right side of the coin and having and restoring his joy. I mean, every situation is different. And when we would we do this? I mean, I did it wrong for years. I I was a student of some of the programs and I would I would get so upset when suddenly I would read point two and point three the the conversation go way over here somewhere. I’m getting unhappy with a person whose hair my face, I gotta get them back. So I get an appointment for it was just just crazy. I would get so fresh. And then if it didn’t end with salvation at that moment, and I was perplexed by that. I’m wondering, where are you God and I had all these. It was so structured, I made it so hard. And then I read the Scripture just popped off the screen, Abby says they’ll know you’re my disciple, by your love. Not by your Bible memorization, not by your origin story or not by anything, just your love, your genuineness, your your ability to love on people. That’s that’s all it takes. There’s no training required. You don’t have to be trained to love on people. You don’t have to be trained to, to love on your girlfriend, or your boyfriend or your or your husband or wife you did you have a train to love your friends. You don’t have to be trained to love people. It comes automatically, particularly when you allow God to love them through you. That’s I mean, that’s really what it’s all about. Matthew 10:19 actually says, you know, don’t even think about it. It’s the opposite of having a program’s Matthew tonight is that don’t even think about what you’re going to say in advance. And Luke 12:12 gives us wonderful services. The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say when you need them. Wow. Wow. And it happens. I mean, it happens. You meet somebody, and I’m meeting him all the time. It’s such I have no idea of walking into a restaurant. I’m in this full blown conversation with a with a rapper. I told you that story, another podcast. I never I never didn’t know who the rapper was and he’s a famous rapper all sudden, I’m talking to him, and I’m praying with him and you can’t prepare for that. He just can’t. If I did if I if I did say I could prepare for those. You could prepare for these kinds of things. And Do you hit point two? Point 3.4 You get him saved on the spotty walkways. Man, I was really good. As Reagan pride to yourself, you know, that’s kind of the opposite of the whole process. Oh, but when you meet somebody, and you’re just fresh and there’s no preparation, I had a guy this week who just got hit with a stroke? And then forgot you need to call him. What can I say? I took down a number. I said, I’ll call him. I’ll call him some time. And the Holy Spirit Kevin calling gone. Hey, God, I don’t even know what to say to him. I called him I got his voicemail. And I think it was best to get his voicemail. I said I could do just pray for you. I started praying in the Holy Spirit prayed through me and prayed words, I never could have come up with myself. I never could have done that. And it just flowed it I cried. I brought I was brokenhearted for him. And I just prayed and I gave him scripture gave him words I think I haven’t heard back from him yet. But I couldn’t have done that had I prepared for it. It was always I just relaxed allowed God to speak to me you follow him say it when when you’re ministering to people and God gives you a scriptures that you haven’t thought of for years and brings a life experience here when your mind is somebody else’s life experience. And you bring that all together and to see the person being emotionally changed on the spot. You can see it changing before your very eyes. And it may or may not come to a total prayer but you know you have moved them to really move them closer to these. You want a guide you just use me i think i federal car WAGs who am I? Who am I use me to minister somebody, you use me you smoke through me. And there’s an intimacy to that folks that you can experience any other way. And that’s what sharing your faith is all about is secondary to when the last the most important thing the reason God wants you to share your failures. He wants to save you. He wants to enlighten you he wants to keep you from drift, Mission Drift all the wokers appear Foner false darkness, you’re not going to do that if you keep your eyes on Jesus and keep sharing your everyday because when you do that he speaks through you and he’s intimate with you. You have intimacy with God. I mean, there’s no house to experience that. I’ve told you before I’ll say it again. There’s lots of scriptures the Bible is replete with scriptures about you share your faith Go ye proclaim the God you know all of this stuff. There’s only one I can find is Isaiah 43:10 says why? Okay, why? Isaiah 43:10 It says, Thus saith the Lord, I appoint you as my witness so that you will understand and believe and know that I am God. He didn’t see you understand more. He didn’t say that you get your nor he said, this is when you really know. Because when you have God speaking through you, when you really speak with you and using you, and he’s right there with you, you know, he’s got nothing to go to rob your joy, and nothing’s going to rob your faith and you know how you get there. You get there by moving beats determined right now from now until your last breath. You’re gonna move everybody every day closer than she says. And then life is easy. It really is amazing how that works. See you next time.

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