Episode 29

Evangelism Is Not a Program

Most Evangelism training is unnecessary! You’re already equipped to love on people and move everyone every day closer to Jesus! Jesus said, “They’ll know you’re my disciple by your love,” not by your training program or the recitation of a script.

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Most Evangelism programs are unnecessary! You don’t have to be trained how to love on people and you don’t have to be trained on how to love people into Heaven. Jesus said, “They’ll know you’re my disciple by your love,” not by your training program or the recitation of a script.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Hi, everybody, welcome back to ignite, I want to talk to you for just a couple minutes here on the subject of evangelism is not a program. I mean, there are so many evangelism programs, and I’ve gone through the major ones, I started going through a back when in the in the 70s. And you want to know how to how, how do I do it? How do I do it? I needed to know. And I get these words down. I’ve had so many programs and these points and I had one that they gave me a Bible and, and it was it was numbered, where I should go in the Bible to read this Christian scripture. I’ve had all these programs that let me say, I appreciate all the programs, and millions of people going one by programs. So thank God for all the programs, but I’m not I’m not trying to cast aspersions. I really not. But the fact of the matter is, there’s only 1% of his or her faith. That’s it. About study was that know about 35% of our population says they share their faith. When you get into it, you find out that they think being a good person is sharing their faith. And being a good person doesn’t get you or anybody else into heaven. It just does. It’s not about being good. I walked by walked out of a restroom alone a few months ago, and it just hit me was one of my best friends. He walked out and he said, you see that gentleman in there that was cleaning the sinks? I said, Yeah. He says why? I gave him 20 bucks. 20 You’re doing a good job. I said, Well, that’s really wonderful. That’s, that’s good for you. What did that accomplish? His wife, I made him feel better feel good. I said, Yeah, I kind of made you feel good, too. Right? Because you did that you made him feel good. And you’re telling me about it so much that made you feel good. Yeah. What did that do for God? He’s Excuse me. I said, Well, what did you accomplish? Besides making him feel good? Did you do anything for God moving him closer to Jesus, he’s I don’t understand. I said, you know, if you had gone to him and said, God just prompted me to give you $20 Just as a token, as an excuse to tell you that he loves you. He knows who you are, and he loves you. Oh, I never thought of that. Well, if you’d done that, all of a sudden, now you’re not getting the glory, God’s getting the glory, you’ve impacted this man of all who treated him rude all day long. There’s this one guy who’s a Christian, that actually had God speak to him, to me to tell you that he knows who I am. Wow. It’s so simple. Well, Christians are always telling me stories of how they’re being good. Being good does it get anybody to heaven? It just doesn’t. That’s, that’s not what it’s about. It’s just not. So. Most people are not sharing their faith because they haven’t been trade. You know, I hear the excuses all the time. I, I, I’ve never taken a class I haven’t been trained, I don’t have enough Bible knowledge to give me all the and that’s all they always excuses. You know, here’s the bottom line, and why I believe only 1% of your faith and just get over. It’s not about having a program. You don’t have to have a program to love people. You didn’t have to go through a program to learn how to love your girlfriend. Or learn how to love your wife. Or you don’t need a pro to learn how to love your friends. I don’t know if those those kinds of programs even exist. You don’t need a program to love your neighbor as yourself. You don’t need it. You just love it. No training required. You just love on people. And when you do that, it sets you free. See, if you’re doing a program and you have to be successful, the program you can be. But there’s us I hear people say you know, I nailed it. I got that point. And I told that point. And I put them over the edge at this point. It’s like, Ooh, there’s a lot of pride coming on here. I mean, you may have done good, but you’re getting feeling pretty good about yourself for having made that accomplishment. The moment starts bringing credit to you, I get uneasy. It’s all about God and the way you like to be all by God’s like God doing it. So I tell you, if you could just relax. There’s no train that you can start doing right this moment. From this moment forward. I would encourage you to move everybody everyday closer to Jesus. And you do that by just letting people say why No, I share my faith. I don’t know how to share my faith. God who give you the words, just loving people. Jesus said, no, no, you’re by disciple by your love. That’s it. That’s not a program. That’s just loving it. loving people and let me tell you something in addition to loving people what that really means in my words Okay? When God loves me he salvation to me when he loves you he salvation you look through every scripture probe every scripture there is all His love. His love is all about getting us into heaven. That’s what he does. His love is salvation in us. Okay? So would we are to love our neighbors as ourselves would he would we’re loving our neighbors. We’re not just being nice to them. We’re loving on them. And we’re not just loving on them, but we’re actually salvation owning them to get it. This takes us to a whole nother level at all the niceties of life being nice, we’re salvation and everybody we’re doing better more importantly, and more accurately is God is salvation, all those people through us through you. To me, that changes everything ruins This is the most important thing in life. We, the pastors are not sending us how would they go unless they’re being sent? The pastors aren’t sending us a passage. If you’re listening to me right now, please start sending your people. You want church growth, you want your church to be alive. They give them the Great Commission and challenge them your role is to equip the saints for ministry. Ephesians 411 That’s your role. That’s what you’re called to do, and send your people who was going to send them I don’t know. We’re trying to do our part. I just believe it has to do it for a lot of years and having so much fun doing it having the freedom of doing it know God’s going to be for me and directing my steps and protecting me from all evils I’m living in the in the sweet spot with God all because I move everybody every day closer to Jesus and I want you God wants you to do the very same thing. See you next time.

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