Episode 28

Your Faith-Sharing Responsibility

With 10% of the U.S. being believers, God can use us to spark revival in America if each one of us shares our faith with just 9 unbelievers. It’s doable, as over 80% of the unchurched already have at least one Christian in their life that they trust.

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If you’re a Christian in America and you crunch the numbers, you’re responsible for leading nine people to the Lord. How is that? Barry explains the current statistics in our nation that show how many people know Jesus and how many are still unchurched. If each one of us who knows the Lord would share our faith with someone else, we could spark revival in America in just 30 days! Listen and hear how God will give you the words to speak so you can make the most of every opportunity — and lead people to Him!

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Hi, everybody, welcome back to ignite, I want to talk to you on the subject of you are responsible for nine people. Yeah, you’re responsible for leading nine people to the Lord. That’s, that’s the break point. You always want to have a target, say, okay, how am I doing? When nobody else is leading people, the Lord. So I guess I don’t have to that’s, that’s, that’s not the right barometer. If we want to get America saved, we need to understand that only 10% of us are saved. Those are hard numbers. So 90% of our population are unsaved, about 70% say they’re Christian, okay, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about those who have named God as their Lord and their Savior. And there’s different statistics around it’s certainly over 80%. It could be easily argued as 90%. So I think, to be conservative, we just need to say 90% of our population is lost. 10% of us are saved. So it’s, it’s the responsibility of the 10% of us, you follow me to get the to get the attention of the 90%. And of that, 90% 80% of those, this is such a staggering number 80% of the unchurched know, the world is out of control. I’ve mentioned this so many times, but it bears repeating, that they know that the world is out of control, they would like to believe there’s a God who can make sense of the chaos and bring peace. They would like to believe that they’re actually looking for some height to tell them get that they’re actually looking for so we they Well, they’re not interested. No, no. Even the scoundrels I find I get my anyways, done interesting. I’ve been sharing my faith for 50 years. On a daily basis. I’ve never found it easier. Everybody wants to know, everybody has an opinion. It’s, it’s there’s never been an easier time to share your faith. And it goes on to say that over 80% of the uninsured already have a Chris in their life that they trust. Right now. I mean, we could we could ignite American revival in 30 days. And we wanted to I mean, that’s the bottom line thing. Just recognize we’re not talking about then searchable dream and unreachable goal, whatever. No, no, this is right. This is without spending a dime, we could do this. The problem is not the loss, they’re lost. The problem is, is it’s literally the The fields are white for harvest the field, and the laborers are few, there’s very few of us doing it. That’s the whole point of our ministry. Ignite. Our goal is to ignite Christians to ignite America revival, one person at a time. Okay, that’s, that’s, that’s our goal. So everybody around you, it brings it all the way down to a very personal level. If not you who, you know, how many unsaved family members do you have? Do you even think about it? I talked to Liberia, they don’t even think about it. How many unsaved friends do you have? I guarantee you that number is more than nine. And that doesn’t count the hundreds or 1000s of people that you pass to pass by in a given week or month that are loss. They’re just they’re lost. You can’t reach everybody. But it’s kind of like if you have radar out and you’re and you’re just chugging you know, he’s just shown he’s just you just make a difference. I I was on the harbor Newport Beach about a year ago. And I was watching this little boat, and it’s probably six or eight feet long, right? A little engine on the back end your picture. And the guy in the boat is. First of all, those little engines are really noisy. The big engines you can hear when they go by with the little edges. And he’s leaning forward trying to get the bow of the boat down. So go a little faster. He’s going five mile an hour, he’s going down the harbor, he got the picture. What I noticed was that after he passed by every boat in the harbor, there there there moored on the side and docks are moored out in the middle with moorings you know and buoys and the dock right in front of me, every boat and even the dock was moving. And I thought, wow, that’s that’s a picture of how we should be living our lives. Right. They wish she’d be impacting everybody. Even we don’t talk to him. You know, we can bring the horse spirit into the room without even talking. We can. We can do that. You’ve certainly been to a place where you could feel the Spirit of the Lord there. And other times there’s there’s no Spirit, you could bring the spirit of the Lord with you. When you walk into a place, you can make a difference just by being in addition to what you’re saying and your countenance in your words, just by the fact that the Holy Spirit is speaking through you. I mean, we’re we’re a full time ministry. And understand that clearly is so important. I think one of the greatest illustrations of this point of caring is the story of Penn Jillette. The Penn and Teller Show in Las Vegas actually also told this story many times but it’s so poignant in that pen is a is an atheist, outspoken atheist, very talented, brilliant guy, fabulous entertainer that a guy came up to me after whatever his performances and talk to him about the Lord and gave him a Bible and his comment on that was, you know, I’m not against proselytization It might surprise you, but I’m not he’s I know, there’s no God. But but if you if you really think that I’m on my way to hell, how much should you have to hate me? To that tell me? Now, I could ask the question, how much do you have to hate those around you not tell them I know you don’t hate them. But you’re certainly not loving them as yourself. You’re not as concerned for their salvation as you are your own. This is serious folks. I was with a new Christian the other day. She has great influence. And I was talking about leading people to Jesus. And she said, wider if I could do that, and I trained here we all did. She says you don’t have to be trained, just love on them and allow God to speak to the Holy Spirit or speak to you to look towards the Holy Spirit give you the words to say, just Well, that’s really I need to spend more time with you. And I said, Okay, I will. But understand this, most Christians haven’t led one person to the Lord. And when we get to heaven, our rewards are gonna be based on how many people were in heaven, because of your influence. I could ask you that how many people if you were to die today? How many people would be in heaven? Because of your influence? Everything else in life doesn’t matter. It’s just hay and stubble. You guess what, it’s not gonna matter how many bottles a car wax I sold? I guess I haven’t. I don’t think it’d be got docket about bottles or car wax or, or even the election to be caught up in or even if we’re American, or whatever it is. The only thing matters is what do we do while we’re here? We have time enough to figure out who God is to serve Him. And then to love our neighbors as ourselves. That’s what life’s about life’s about redemption. That’s what it is. And we have this opportunity. We have this God’s gift. I understand that out of the millions of years I’m doing to people, God’s given us the opportunity to live in these last days. Get ready for this last great, I believe there’s a revival coming, that’s going to be unprecedented. I really believe that’s going to happen. Don’t you want to be a part of that? It’s only going to come if those of us who know the Lord, get busy right now, it’s got to start it’s got to start with us. So if you do that, you understand that you’re I talk about your full time ministry. And if you want to if you want to, you know a goal, a minimize goal, you should, you should at least because most people are not going to that means probably, you know 90% of America needs to be reached by maybe 5% of us. I don’t know what the percentage are, but they’re quite high. I want to tell you this, you know, if you I promise you this If you lead nine people to the Lord. Now it’d be just the beginning. Because once you do that, once you lead the first person, it’s I had a Christine solo Toby a while back and she was trafficked and in drugs that had such a horrible life and now she’s just overwhelming Sherry fate shares she says there is no high end drug addiction that matches the highest leading somebody did Jesus get on board was when it started leading people to use instead of worrying about their scalp it just love other people. That’s all you have to do. Just love on them. And when you love on them, you’ll be amazed how quickly they will open up and they’ll share you hurts and, and concerns otherwise they won’t even tell their best friend. And as they reveal that you can’t script it you can’t be prepared for you have no idea where those conversations are gonna go. But when you do that, and you hear that God will give you It’s Supernatural. It is the most amazing experience where you have God just give you he’ll bring up scriptures you haven’t thought of for years. You bring up life experience, he will speak through you truth. And you see the impact of that person you realize God’s using your uz right that very well. You have intimacy with God. There’s nothing in life that could bring that kind of intimacy with God. And so you get to two or three, you’re going to do nine you’re Dude, Jehovah warrior that it’s all about it I just shouted for the house ops understand this and commit your life to it move everybody I mean everybody from the moment you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed starts with your wife or your husband your kids for you go out the door that everybody you’re with make sure you i operator in the phone you can and in a minute you can in the lead the operator the owner, operator the phone closer to Jesus by justified loving, they get people hating on yelling at them all day long, impatient, and just may say, you know, I’m so glad I got you you had so you’re in such a blessing to be God bless you have a great day. God bless you never say wow, that was a nice person, obviously a nice person and they are obviously a Christian. You probably just interrupted their whole picture of what a Christian is. I mean, you could do that so quickly. It’s a process and just allow God never be frustrated used to get frustrated with I didn’t say right then or we did I am say to the second conversation whenever has nothing to do with your timing. It’s God’s time. I have people I’ve been sharing with for 20 years, their night area, but they’re coming. You get the picture. It’s a team sport. And your goal, your responsibility is to move everybody every day, everybody I mean everybody every day closer to Jesus. See you next time.

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