Episode 27

Complete Freedom

God gives you worry-free faith, even on your worst days, when your top priority is moving everyone, every day closer to Jesus. Listen to Barry explain how he experienced this incredible truth as he lay dying in ICU with his obituary already written.

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What does it mean to live in complete freedom? When you have a close personal relationship with the Lord, you realize that He is in control of everything. He knows the trials and tribulations that are coming your way — and He will give you a song of praise so that your test becomes your testimony! Listen as Barry shares stories from his life of how he has trusted God — even while near death in the ICU — to rest in His care and reach others for Him.

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Hi everybody, welcome back to ignite, I want to talk to you about freedom. And this may be the most exciting part of honoring God and loving those around us as we love ourselves and, and living for His purpose and, and moving everybody everyday causes disease. It’s freedom, it’s, it’s complete freedom is you realize God has control of everything, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. That’s God’s promised you when you know the truth. When you know the truth, the truth will set you free when the sun sets free, is free. Indeed, I reminded of the of the scripture in Isaiah, the orange scripture, I found the Bible that explains why he wants us to share our faith. Why is it that he’s mandated commanded commission? Or as ambassador? Why is he shouted at us? Share your faith? And why is it that 99% of us don’t do it? You’re Satan doesn’t want us to do it. Why does he want us to do it? It’s secondary to when the last it’s primarily to when you Isaiah 43:10 says I use this all the time, it’s so important that saith the Lord, I appoint you as my witness, so that you will believe so that you will believe well, if you just sit there and don’t trust him for anything, you won’t know if you could believe him or not. It’s only when you get out there and start pushing the limit that God can understand that God is there. I mean, the best example is job right? I mean, think of all the trials and tribulations, job loss, everything. But you don’t none of that happened. or I shouldn’t say all of that happened with God’s permission. Satan had to go to God first to get get get permission right before he could do that to show he Satan can’t touch you unless he gives God’s permission. He can’t. He cannot do that. So when you’re in problems and things are going wrong, it happens to all of us. I mean, it’s so easy God, where are you? He’s right there. I heard a message this morning for a guy named JD Farragut, he was talking about how if we knew what God knew, we’d be doing the same things for us that he’s doing for us. What he says, in fact, you would not only be be understanding that God’s in control, you’d be thanking me, thank you God for doing all this to me because you’re perfecting me. And you’re taking it to another level. So we started thanking him advanced care and I have gotten to the point now we don’t ask, I don’t think we ask for anything anymore. Every day we come across, we just start a god. We can’t wait to see how you’re gonna get us out of this. We can’t wait to see how the conclusion of this is. This is a testimony. You’re in the middle of your testimony when I when I talk to people so often in the middle of trial. This your testimony documented right now, explain how you’re feeling right now and that you trust God and you know, God’s gonna get you out because he always well. I was close friends with David Wilkerson. Some of you may remember the name but for you wrote the book that crosses switchblade. For 40 years, he was one of my closest friends, and so many of his sermons impacted my life. But one of them I never forget, and you can use Google now or to go go on YouTube or you go down right song wrong side. Right song wrong sides are the children of Israel of course they they escaped they got down to the water and now they were all happy and now they’re not happy. In fact, if you read what they’re doing to voters, we could have died in Egypt drive a Dodo, you got us out here in the middle of the desert, we’re all gonna die and they’re so mad at him and scars voted puts his staff in the water and the water, no way parts. It’s dry land. I mean, it’s a total miracle. Right? They walk through the side, you know the story. So what did they do? They rejoice, they build an altar, and they’re singing songs to God. And Dave said, Write song. Wrong side. Think about it. Where are you and your problems today? Are you saying the song before the it’s so much fun to to thank God in advance and then see how he does it? And I have a million testimonies to that I don’t have time for the short podcast, but he directs our steps. He’s always there he’s always direct err steps trust the Lord your whole heart and lean not on your own unders understand and don’t depend on your own thoughts. acknowledge him and everything acknowledge him and the good stuff acknowledge him and the bad God I thank you. I don’t like what’s going on. I don’t like this at all. I mean, it could be real scary but but God but I know you’re there and I know you’re gonna get me through it. So I acknowledge you guys. You’re allowing this to happen. When you would have perfect me, or you’re going to use as an opportunity for me to minister to other people, okay? When I was dying in the hospital Monterrey they gave me up for dead. They said, We can’t save him. I told God, you know what, okay, there’s got to be purpose of this. So if I go to die, I’m gonna die trying to lead as many people to you as I possibly can. It’s so became like a game to be I’m an ICU. And a lot of the time, I didn’t have the thing down my, my throat when I was in ICU. And whenever I did, and I was thinking this work, how can I move everybody, the next person through this door closer to Jesus, when I got out, I counted 23 Different doctors and nurses that I have serious conversations with about God, I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. And I’ve had, if just for one of those, he put me in the hospital in a day just so I could reach one of those people with ortho. You look through God’s eyes and everything, everything changes. It’s just just amazing how he, he works. It really is. He, He loves us so much. And when when we as I started to tell you about this scripture in Isaiah 43:10, let me go back to it out. It’s so important. He says, I point you as my witness, so that you will know and understand and believe that I am God. And how is that? It’s because there’s no other way to enter into the intimacy we have with God that we have, when we go in with nothing with no preparation, that we have these kinds of conversations with people. And God’s there, and he just uses us. And he’s giving us words to say I was. I was at a restaurant a few days ago. And you know, it’s fun, but it’s hard to explain it. But you you’re in 14 minutes, and you move everybody. So that means everybody. That’d be the people walking by you. If you catch eye contact, say something to them, joke with them. And then just say, Have a good day. And God bless you. If you do nothing else. Just do it all day long. And then you have some of that come back to you. And this beautiful couple there were a black couple. Okay, I say that because of all the racial things, which is stupid. God loves us all the same for this lovely black who are just finishing their meal. And I saw them and they’re both smiling. So I stopped to talk to them to the Hey, that bacon looks pretty good. Yeah, it was great. It’s ideal. It just learned have a relationship that I see. Well have a wonderful day, guys, and God bless you. So we walked out the parking lot. And as it happened, we stayed out in the parking lot for a few minutes. We just had a board meeting for the benefit of Castle concor, which is a car show my daughter started and they have this fabulous committee keeps it going. I was in on the committee meeting and we’re so we’re standing in the parking lot. And this couple of drives by in a convertible. They’re leaving the parking lot, the young couple that I saw in the restaurant, and they go by real slow. And so it was an extra operator say hey, love you guys. God bless you now guy, they drove off. As it happened, this meeting in the parking lot went longer than I wanted to I had another event to get to, but it stayed a little bit longer. And guess what about 10 minutes left this, this couple of drives by again, same couple. And they looked at me and smiled. They said can we talk to you for a minute? I said of course I ran over to the driver side he said we feel like we should talk to you. About what well we don’t know we just moved from Columbus Ohio. And we don’t know anybody here and we’re trying to start a company and we just checked our son into a collar there so that told me oh they must be Christians. Average we’re just praying and as we drove by it and when we first talked to you in the restroom, we felt a connection and when we drove by we thought we need to go by we were supposed to talk to you. I said well, I took a little visit made a little bit bigger because I know something about visited before that. I know God I can tell you how I build a trusty God. We need to talk. I said okay, I will be back in California for about three weeks. I got the double we’re gonna get together. Whoa, that was just because I would just be nice somebody just walking. You follow my drift. We went to breakfast a few days ago. And I got a Karen got out of the car and I was driving Karen’s car. She wants to park just perfectly. She says to me, restart the car, pull up three more inches. Okay, I do this. So I did that. Had she not done that done that we would have missed this opportunity as it happened. We worked. We walked through the car perfectly there was a two buildings coming together at a very small passage. way. And had we been 30 seconds later, we would never would have met this couple. But because see God director says because she had been correct by parking space, it delayed me an extra minute. And it got us right to that place and they had a dog, a mental wall, security dog, whatever you want to call it. And it just happens that we’re getting one and he looks like the one we’re hitting. So we asked, Hi, good morning, folks, everybody. Hey, tell us about your dog. And they explained I said, Well, we’re getting one. And in a couple of months. He’s been trained right now they said Worship trainers and why he’s not here. He’s not in California. He’s over Arizona. Well, we’re from Arizona, who’s your trainer. And so again, the trainer’s name, and he said, You mean Jimmy? You know, our trainer. That’s where we got our dog is your dog’s name of your dog deke. We know your dog. Come on. They live in Arizona, we live in Arizona. And at that, does he not direct our steps? Now stay tuned. And this couple may see this podcast. I don’t know if they do maybe even help it. But we did not meet by accident. We had a great conversation that I just reached out to him a couple of days ago. And we’re gonna get together and I suspect God has something in mind. When you when you do that you realize God’s moving all the time? Do you follow Him? Do you follow my drift? It’s just amazing how he, he does when you know that nothing can happen to you. Nothing. I finish for this. And there’s a long passage of Scripture, most of us know it. But I’ve read the Scripture throughout my entire life. But it means so much now. When when you trust God with your heart, remember Isaiah says, I point you as my witness so that you will know that I am God. Okay, how do you get there? By loving God and living for His purpose, you follow that? You follow the progression here, okay? So the path to getting to where you really know God, and he says in Isaiah 4310 is when you’re a witness for Him, and He’s intimately working through you and you know that you have intimacy with God. And when you get to that place you live where I live. Okay. Let me read this. This is amazing. Most you heard this before, but in a context, particularly in light of what’s going on today. All right. Those who live in the shelter, the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty we all need rest. Thus they declare about the Lord. He alone is my refuge. My place is safety. Here’s my God I trust him. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease it this. We haven’t worried about COVID I mean, we were very worried not foolish. We take ivermectin we take hydroxychloroquine we take zinc. We eat well, we sleep well. We wash your hands, we do all the right stuff. But we walk into crowds almost every day and we’re hugging shaking hands. And being a part of this. I heard the statement I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of not living. I look at those Christians who have huddled for two years I’m looking at now how they’ve aged that’s that’s out of fear, folks. That’s that that’s not what God say. When you trust me when you share your faith you’re trusting. Here’s what he says the benefit of doing that it’s complete freedom is freedom. Let’s listen to these words from God. He will cover with his feathers. He was shown to you with his wings his faithful promises or your armor and protection Do not be afraid of the tears of the night nor the air or that flies in the day do not dread the disease and stocks in darkness Wow. No the disasters that strike at midday there’s their disasters all around everywhere you look here disasters, saying don’t dread them though 1000 volunteer side though 10,000 are dying around you people are dying all around they are now these evils will not tattooed as the Word of God to those who trust Him okay. This is to the elect if you will. I use that term different than most people do. But the ones God knows are his first love Christians all right. Wow. Just open your eyes and see how the wicked are punished. If you make the Lord your refuge when you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter if you keep him as your first love, nothing separated you both it’s so consistent throughout all the scriptures. If you make the Most High your shelter, No evil will conquer you hear this? It may overcome you but if it does, only God allows it and brings him glory okay. It will no evil can come for you, just for the sake of conquering you and destroy, you can’t happen. Whatever happens you will be for God’s glory. This is all exciting. No, he will conquer you know play will come near your home for he will order His angels to protect you wherever you go. This is freedom. Subject, this podcast is freedom. This is freedom less, it’s so precious, they will hold you up in their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone. You You will trampled on lions and COVID, you will crush fierce lions and separate on your feet. The Lord says I will rescue those who love the first love is so good since the scriptures are so consistent. I’m not making this stuff up. This is not just some form of cabling by light. This is the Word of God. It just happens to care. And I have discovered this through the years in our living and bear testimony that it works. And we know hundreds and hundreds of people across the country having the same experience and testify that I will protect those who trusted my name where they call me I will answer he does. He does he does I give you a million examples of that. He’s always there. He never leaves us he never presents is when they call me I will answer I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue them and honor them. I will reward them with a long life and give them my salvation. Wow. That’s freedom. And you know how to get there by moving everybody every day. closer to Jesus. It’s so easy. See you next time.

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