Episode 26

You’re a Witness

No matter where you are in your life, if you’re a Christian, you can’t escape the fact that everything you say and do is moving everyone watching you closer or further away from God. Every Christian is a witness.

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No matter where you are in your life, if you’re a Christian, you can’t escape the fact that everything you say and do is moving everyone watching you closer or further away from God. Every Christian is a witness. The question is whether you’re a witness for the defense or the prosecution of the Gospel. Hear more from Barry about how living out your faith in every situation and how connecting others to Jesus will light up your life!

Host Barry Meguiar is a car guy and businessman who hosted the popular TV show, Car Crazy, on Discovery Networks for 18 years. He loves cars, but he loves Jesus even more! Learn more about Barry at IgniteAmerica.com.

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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to ignite everybody. I want to talk to you about the fact that you’re in full time ministry. What? No, I thought my pastors in full time I not in full time ministry, I’m a businessman. I’m a housewife, I’m a teacher, whatever. I’m a student. Now, where we are your full time Minister, you you just can’t get away from that you are a city set on a hill. If you’re a Christian, there are some people, maybe not many, everybody should know. But at least some know that you’re a Christian. And if they know you’re a Christian, they’re judging God by your actions. Okay, they do. That means everything you say, and do from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night, is moving people under your influence closer or further away from God, that means you’re in full time ministry, you really are, you’re a witness. You might be a witness for the prosecution. Or you might be a witness for the for the defense of the gospel, but you’re a witness. I watched a famous basketball star years ago to the point of being legendary, who was totally misbehaving and did about everything wrong in his life, and is still doing it to this day and lost his career and all and Jay Leno asked him and said to you, you know, you’re a role model. People are watching you. He said I not a role model or no, and I may well, there are young kids today that see him as a role model. And he hasn’t been playing for 15 years. Israel bottle, we have we have responsibility. It’s, you know, you hear a stock up, move everybody everyday closer to Jesus, we do that either intentionally or even unintentionally. I’ll give you a good example. Christians like to go up together after church on Sunday, right? So you get some friends together a couple of families, couples, whatever, you know, what normally happens, you go, you probably stayed longer than you should. Because you’re having a good time. And you’re having such a good time, you’re probably a bit louder than then you should be. And you’re probably more demanding. And all the while I always hear you talking about God and church and all that. And then you walk out the door and you stiff, the waiter, you give them a 10% tip. Do you know that waiter servers hate working on Sundays, you ask them, ask any waiter. They’ll tell you. They hate working on Sunday. It’s less now only because there’s less of us going to church back in the days when everybody went to church, it was a huge problem. But But here’s here’s, here’s a gal who’s whose kids are at home whose husbands at home if she has one, even as she wants to be with him, you know, she has to work on Sunday. And then all these Christians come in and talk about God. And he’s so wonderful, whatever. And keep asking for things. Oh, can we have some more of this? And some more of that and they leave? What do you think they did to that server and everybody else in that restaurant, and corporately, you’re really moving everybody further away from God without even realizing it. And that’s just one example. It’s done all the time. Without thinking you’re not even thinking about who’s standing right there who’s watching you, you’re in full time ministry, folks, he needs to understand this everything you do, and say leads people closer or further away from God. Here’s the other side of that story. When we go to restaurants, we don’t always do it. But every chance we get we banter with the server and then we say oh by the way, we for we pray for our meal, we always ask our server, is there anything we pray for you about and you know, what’s the craziest thing we get answers? Like everybody’s hurting today. And so we get some really important answers back and then we can pray for those needs. And so is there anything we can pray for you about? I gotta tell you more than half the time there’s not just a response there’s an emotional response and even for the few and there are a few who say no no mom Life’s good you know lifestyle good weather, try to make pretend that it is and that’s how most people are today. They’re trying to have this veneer but underneath. So would you say is don’t don’t don’t put them down for that or don’t argue with them at all. Just say Oh, that is so good to hear. And so Bob, we’re just going to pray for you and thank God that that he’s giving you such a wonderful life and he’ll even open up more doors for you and then love him for the rest of the meal love on him compliment and genuinely love on him and then tip him well. You Guess what you will feel closer to Jesus. People have a bad opinion of Christians. Most people don’t like Christians. They don’t respect Christians. If you Google, why are Christians so? Why are Christians so you’ll say why are Christians so narrow minded? Why are they so damning? Why are they so mean? Why are there so cheap? There’s nothing about love? She said, No, no, you by my level we’re not expressing love for most if they’re not like us, we just go on and we’re in our bubble. We’re having great time. And we’re doing ministry, we’re already doing horrible things. And we’re ignoring the world that all runners this this last week, we had one, I’m just going to brief. I got a million of I could tell you, but we had this one that I’ve been telling quite often lately, because it’s just so remarkable. We asked the waitress and she said yes, as a problem. And she she’s waited so other viewers go back, okay, now I can take the time. And she explains that her her best friend’s a trucker, como states outside gets a call. His dog has been found unconscious. By the time he gets back to her. He’s really for about 20 minutes, she dies. scripts don’t work in those kinds of situations. Tell your life story doesn’t work in those kinds of situations. Fortunately, Luke 1212 says, I’ll give you the words to say when you need them. And in this case, I don’t give my phone number as anybody. But I felt I should I felt the edge I put my name down. I said, Would you tell your friend to call me if you’d like because my wife and I lost our daughter three years ago, and we may be able to help him. So the next morning, he calls me and I won’t use his name. But he’s Mr. McGuire. This is a gives me his name. And he says, I want you to know first off, I’m a Christian. Oh, good. And my daughter is a Christian. Oh, this is really good. You got he does. Yeah, he says, but I want you to know this. I’m a car guy. And I feel like I know you. I’ve watched you all the years on TV. I know you so well. And then I follow you on social media. And, and I see how you minister to people. And I even know that you lost your daughter three years ago. He says can you possibly imagine? The impact it had on me a few moments ago when my best friend calls me and says, very Maguire wants me to give you his phone number he wants you to call him. I broke. I said, You know what? I don’t need to say word. I do not need to say word. God’s already said it. Clearly God knows who you are. And he’s going to walk you through this season of your life. And he said, You’re right. You’re right. And that started a conversation with a truck driver in Kansas City that we it goes on to now and he’s serving the Lord enjoy whatever all of that happened because as the server’s anything we can pray for you about. And how many people has that server told? Oh, and by the way, that server, truck driver told me that his closest friend this this server at this restaurant, has come back to the Lord just in the Word. When you do those things, it just lights your life. It just gives you so much excitement. God I keep saying God’s you just use me. I pedal car wax. He has used me to change the life of a trucker in Kansas City that I’ll probably never meet. Wow, until I get to heaven. It’s just it’s just it’s just so much fun. So I just want you to understand it’s everywhere. When you’re you know, I talked to pastors they say I you know, while you’re out there, I’m a pastor I’m in the church I do you never go to Starbucks and stand in line or you never go to the drugstore or you’re never in a waiting room or ever we’re your ad is where God has direct you to be. And you’re in full time ministry and the whole point of our ministry, and if we would all do this, we can ignite America the Bible so quickly if we all just move everybody, every day, closer to Jesus. See you next time.

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