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“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.”

George Jean Nathan

Nathan’s quote underscores why godless politicians are leading this country and the importance of registering and voting on November 3, 2020. With 90 million Christians eligible to vote, we have the opportunity to vote and elect godly men and women that will uphold the Judeo-Christian values that form the foundation of this country.

Unfortunately, about 40 million Christians fail to vote in the presidential election cycles. About 15 million are not even registered to vote in the 2020 elections. (Provided by

We all need to do our part to get registered, pray and vote on November 3, 2020 or vote by Absentee Ballot. To avoid voter fraud – vote in person and not by mail.

With what’s at stake, you can also understand why patriotism includes leading people to Jesus who will elect God-honoring politicians.

There is still time. Register today!

Online registration is available in most states. Others only offer mail-in and in-person registration.

Closing dates for online registration varies with a number of states closing online registration on October 4.

Click below and it will take you to which has links to every state and territory with instructions on how to register to vote and when registration closes for online (where available), mail and in-person registration.

Do It Now!